Adwords Management For Real Estate Investors

Everything you need to generate more Leads and Deals with Google AdWords.

  • Unlimited target markets
  • Unlimited keywords, ads, landing pages
  • Landing page design, coding, and testing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Extensive split-testing of entire account
  • Integration with your email and follow up system (Podio, AWeber, etc)
  • Unlimited Retargeting/Remarketing ads
  • Access to our thoroughly-tested library of ads, keywords, and best-practices
  • Direct access to your account at any time

adwords Real Estate Investors

The world’s most effective Adwords campaigns – just for Real Estate Investors.

We get our clients better results than anyone else out there. That’s because we’ve got the world’s biggest set of Real Estate Investor AdWords data – outside of Google themselves.
We thoroughly test every single one of our keywords, ads, and landing pages across all of our clients every single day – meaning that your account gets to benefit from the experience of dozens of other investors, large and small, all across the country.

We get better, faster, than anyone else out there – and it shows.

Our Team - the best customer support for our adwords clients

The best customer service in the business – period.

We set out to completely change how Real Estate Investors interact with their AdWords agencies. We want it to be an awesome experience from day one.

That means getting a dedicated account manager that knows you, your business, and your account – no outsourcing, no switching people every week, no funny business.

That means making sure you own 100% of your AdWords account – and can access your data at any time.

It also means being available by phone, email, and even text. We get back to you, answer questions, and respond to your needs – and always in a fun, friendly way that means you’ll actually ENJOY talking to us.

No hidden fees in our adwords management service. Ever.

No hidden fees, no extra charges.

Unlike most AdWords Agencies that work with Real Estate Investors, we don’t bundle in a bunch of hidden charges that raise your rates.

Instead, we charge one simple, flat fee that includes everything you need to generate more deals and leads via AdWords: Unlimited target markets, unlimited landing pages and split testing, retargeting ads, no restrictive contracts, only 3 people in your target market, and more.

You can rest easy that with AdWords Nerds, what you see is what you get – and you’ll never get a surprise charge from us.