SEO For Real Estate Investors

SEO For Real Estate Investors

80% of all leads online click an organic (not paid) search result.

What does that mean? It means that if you’re only focused on direct mail….or paid traffic…you are leaving a HUGE amount of money on the table.

The problem has always been that search engine optimization (ranking your site higher up in Google search) is DIFFICULT. It’s intensely time-consuming, confusing, and labor intensive. It requires hours of work and a fair amount of technical knowledge.

If you went to a regular SEO company, you either got low-rent, low-quality work by outsourced workers, or project costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range from expensive, generalist agencies who don’t even understand what real estate investors do.

AdWords Nerds is here to change that. We provide a fast, efficient, and highly-targeted SEO process….only for real estate investors.

We’ve used our massive database of national data (generated from our work with paid traffic for real estate investors) to create an INCREDIBLY effective approach to SEO: no waste, no fluff, just the hard work that truly moves the needle.

We focus on only one metric: motivated leads. We don’t bother doing the things that other SEO companies waste time with – hours of boring keyword research, meetings, etc. We already know what’s likely to work in your market; after all, we’ve worked with dozens of other investors, in markets just like yours.

Our team is on the cutting edge of what really works in organic marketing. But even better than that, we’re focused on your long term success.

That means that we keep, at MINIMUM, a ten year timeline in mind. We never use shady or questionable tactics that might get your site demoted – or even worse, removed altogether – by Google. Even if it’s technically all right today, we won’t touch anything that we think might jeopardize our client’s long-term revenue.

The result? Access to a huge potential market of motivated seller leads, with some of the best return on investment of any marketing you’ll ever do (after all, in many markets, ranking aggressively for even a single important keyword can result in multiple deals a month).

Interested? Talk to someone on our team today to learn how we would implement our SEO strategy in your market.

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Client Results

“Looking forward to working with you gals/guys as well. I’ve been CRAZY impressed with the outcome (and income) of the services by way of P.P.C. end so far. SUUUPER excited about the potential and scalability that comes w/ the S.E.O. side.”
– Kemo, Real Estate Investor

“I really appreciate AdWords Nerds….You guys did a great job, and I’ll be referring people to you in the future!”
* Brent Moreno, Real Estate Investor

“I have started pushing my business online, and I am getting a great response! In my office, people are catching on to what I am doing and I am getting a great response…it’s helping my business and I am actually enjoying myself. I really appreciate you for getting me excited to push my brand more online. Truly cannot thank you enough. Don’t mean to be melodramatic but honestly, I have been doing this for one week and the results are astounding.”

“Dan is very professional and helpful when it comes to development and marketing. Big thanks to this guy, an asset to anyone looking to step their online presence up.”
– Samuel Thompson, Realtor