Episode #218 – Adding Multifamily Into Your Business Plan with Josh Cantwell, Part 1

You know what sucks about single-family real estate? Lots of moving parts. The little things eat up your time, leaving you with a poorly paid, full-time job managing these properties.

What do savvy investors do?But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Jumping into multi-family investing can maximize your returns with the least amount of effort. It’s the only type of investing that creates this level of time freedom.

And you know what?

It’s probably simpler (and even more profitable) than you think.

In this episode, Josh Cantwell, a savvy multi-family investor joins us to discuss ways to maximize your return in a short amount of time.

Listen Now!

  • The “elimination” technique for keeping the money-making activities in your business ([2:50])
  • X Ways to divide the “swim lanes” of your investing company for guaranteed profits ([3:32])
  • The real estate trends that started in COVID and continue today (get on it now if you want to make great ROIs) ([3:57])
  • Why the government can’t keep up with these current trends (and how you can be in front of it) ([4:16])
  • The “Class B” multi-family strategy that advanced investors are using right now ([4:23])
  • A software to use to keep your whole company as organized as a bank ([16:39])
  • Use this single system “peak” strategy to make your team trained up for maximum performance ([18:15])

To connect with Josh Cantell , please visit:

Josh Cantwell jpennington@srecnow.com websites: freelandventures.com | https://acceleratedinvestorpodcast.com/

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