About Us

AdWords Nerds is the World’s #1 Online Marketing Agency Working Exclusively With Real Estate Investors.

We’re a small team dedicated to making it easier for real estate investors to find motivated seller leads online.

We do that with a unique combination of approaches – using paid traffic, organic traffic and SEO, social media marketing, offline research, and more.

We’re also dedicated to transparency – which is why we always share our data, account set ups, and tactics with our clients. We do what’s in our client’s best interests, even when it may not be in ours.

We won’t lie – we are also a bit silly. That’s what happens when you sit in front of the computer too long.

About Our Team

Dan Barrett

Head Nerd

Dan Barrett is the founder and Head Nerd at AdWords Nerds.

His unique approach to finding motivated sellers – combining online marketing best practices with rapid data collection and intense focus – helped dozens of clients grow their investment businesses while spending less time on their marketing.

Today, Dan’s focus is on research and development – finding the next big online marketing channel for investors. He also runs the REI Lead Gen Mastermind, a high-level coaching program that teaches investors the skills they need to market online.

In his free time, you can find Dan making music, playing with his kids, and cooking with his wife.

Lou DeMedici

Senior Business Strategist

Lou joined AdWords Nerds to help with our growing workload of strategy sessions. We needed someone who not only knew real estate, but knew marketing – and who could use that knowledge to formulate effective strategies for potential clients.

Lou had an extensive background in real estate and real estate investing before joining our team. He’s also been immersed in the marketing world for years, which allowed him to quickly learn our internal process for figuring out exactly how to approach a potential client’s market. Lou is from the East coast but currently lives in Minnesota with his family. He is a real estate entrepreneur at heart and loves to help others with their own entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations.

Lou loves to cook, bike, travel and do any activity that brings him close to the water by a warm beach.

Jason Wilson

Internal Marketing

Jason and Dan go way back – all the way back to when they were both in touring bands, sleeping on couches and spending hours in (let’s admit it) stinky vans.

Since then, Jason’s gone on to start his own successful business. He joined the AdWords Nerds team because we don’t know anybody better at logistics and process than him; he knows how to perfect a system and make it run smoothly.

In his spare time, Jason spends time with his awesome wife and two strapping sons; he also runs an excellent screen printing business and remains involved in the music scene.

Patty Lacherre

Client Success Manager

Our client success manager is Patty. She serves as our clients’ main point of contact. She is also in charge of managing and welcoming our new clients.

With her communication skills and being detail oriented, Patty is the perfect fit to help us with our Onboarding Process, making sure that everyone we work with knows exactly what to expect. Patty walks new clients through our services, how to work with us, and how the process will work. She also personally reaches out to new clients to make sure they feel 100% comfortable and at home.

Patty enjoys spending her free time with her kid playing checkers and solving puzzles.

Zach Bauman

Paid Search Manager

Zach Bauman is the head of our PPC Management team. He is in charge of long-range service innovation and improvement, client strategy, and managing the entire PPC process.

He enjoys learning new things and can swiftly apply them to changes in the digital world, such as a new platform or strategy.

Zach enjoys playing golf in his free time.