AdWords Nerds helps Real Estate Investors get more leads and deals with AdWords. 🙂

AdWords Nerds is the most advanced Google AdWords Agency working exclusively with Real Estate Investors.

We help investors with stuff like:

  • Competing in tough or competitive markets
  • Lowering lead costs
  • Improving lead quality
  • Landing Page design and testing
  • Finding success with AdWords when nothing else has worked
  • Recovering after having a bad experience with another agency

If you’ve struggled with any of the above, or just need help getting started, you’re in the right place!


“I’m definitely writing you guys a testimonial – your $10 lead just turned into a $10,000 payday!”
Mike Simmons, Just Start Real Estate



How AdWords Nerds Can Help You Grow Your Investing Business

We help Investors get more leads and deals using advertising networks like Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and more.

How do we do it? We use Big Data Analysis, advanced analytics, and more to make sure we’re the most advanced and innovative agency working with investors today.

Since we only work with Real Estate Investors, we bring a level of focus to the industry that’s unparalleled. Everything we learn while working with our clients, we apply to each new campaign we run – meaning we get better at a rate that other agencies can’t begin to equal.


“I did my first 5-figure deal from AdWords just one month after working with Dan…and this was after a full year of nothing.”
Dan Schwartz, Investor Fuse



We’re also super fun to work with.

We’re a small, dedicated team – and we’re here to make sure that every interaction you have with AdWords Nerds is an enjoyable one.

Seriously – we form deep, lasting relationships with each of our clients. We love having a fun, light-hearted workplace, and we bring that attitude to everything we do. We actually want you to enjoy hearing from us – and when was the last time you felt that about your marketing company?

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  1. I am looking to a successful and profitable partnership with Adwords Nerds!

  2. I heard you in a webinar with Joe McCall where you offered your coaching program on how to do Adwords for real estate investors and was wondering if you still have that off available.

  3. I just listened to a great podcast Dan did with REI mogul Mitch Stephen, and after I do a few deals I’ll be looking forward to also becoming a client, as well. (Excellent, informative and inspiring discussion!) Link: