In today’s installment, we have our guest Todd Pigott back for part two of his interview with the host Dan Barrett. In this captivating conversation, Todd shares his journey to massive success across multiple businesses, including a facilities management company and a lending arm. Discover how he overcame the challenge of intense competition in the

In this episode, the conversation dives into a true real estate success story: the incredible journey of Todd Pigott. From humble beginnings with only $17 to his name, Todd went on to dominate the industry, closing over $100 million in fix and flip deals and lending over a billion dollars through his company. You won’t

In today’s episode, we continue our insightful conversation with the insurance giant, Andy Gurczak, about optimizing insurance claims. In the second part of our discussion, Andy shares his unique insights on the hiring process in a highly analytical field like insurance. He reveals his secret to finding the right candidates who have the same drive

In this episode, Dan discusses the world of insurance claims with special guest Andy Gurczak from www.Allcityadjusting.com. Andy is a public adjuster, and his role is to fight on your behalf when dealing with insurance companies. This episode sheds light on the benefits of hiring a public adjuster, the process of filing claims, and how

In today’s episode, we continue our conversation with Justin Dossey, a world-class operator who is successfully running not just one, but THREE thriving REI businesses. If you’re looking for insider tips and strategies on how to take your real estate business to new heights, this episode is a must-listen. Justin shares his approach to managing