With the current state of the economy, what will happen to real estate investing? Will anybody sell their house anymore? Will everyone sell their house? Can you even meet with leads anymore? With no end in sight, you can’t sit this one out. Doing nothing means you’re vulnerable to the volatile market. But you don’t

Daily life gets more restricted every day, the stock market is tanking–and you’re probably wondering if your business will survive. The truth is: The recession will cull REI businesses which don’t add value. But if you’re good enough to survive this crisis, your business will skyrocket once this is over. One part of succeeding right

When you look at the changing real estate market, what do you see? Maybe you blame your lack of leads, deals and money on the change. If you’re growing right now, you might attribute your success to the change. The truth is: Whether you’re thriving or barely staying afloat—a simple mathematical law is sucking your

I wanted to discuss COVID-19, and its effect on both the real estate investing world and on how we generate motivated seller leads. Obviously, this is a complex and swiftly-changing situation. However, I want you to know that the entire AdWords Nerds team has been monitoring our own data sources very closely, and adapting our

In this changing real estate environment, relationships become more and more important. If you’re not equipped to put sellers first and become someone leads know, like and trust, you’ll have a hard time. Investors who advertise to anyone and use extortion style sales tactics? iBuyer companies are going to swallow them whole. If you want