If you want to avoid going broke on lazy marketing, you have to find the stuff that’s proven to work. It’s overwhelming dipping your toes in the pool of Google PPC, but there are ways to split-test without drowning. You don’t want to miss what’s going on in the water by lounging on the side.

Becoming a real estate investor often leads to asking one of the most important questions every day: How will good people find me? Attracting high-quality leads is much more than slapping around keywords on the internet. Digging deeper into the secrets of Google Ads puts you right back in the driver’s seat of attracting the

As a real estate investor, you know how important leads are. In fact, they’re the lifeblood that makes sure you keep on investing and generate revenue. But where do you get your leads? Sure, you’ll get some through word of mouth or sellers you’ve worked with before, but this is hardly consistent. Remember, by investing

When you first started out in advertising, you probably thought it was simple. Send out campaigns and wait for the phone to ring. But when the calls don’t come in, it’s easy to get overwhelmed looking for leads and forget the basics. In this episode, you’ll uncover the key differences between two marketing channels –

With a massive web of clicks and deals, you’ve probably noticed more people are selling their homes online nowadays. While many investors get swallowed by the screen, you don’t have to. Closing deals isn’t about how much time you work online, it’s about which systems actually do the work for you. In this episode, you’ll