In the past decade I’ve worked with real estate investors, I see one common mistake happen over and over again. The worst part? Not only does this mistake cost you time and money in the short-term, but it also makes your long-term success impossible. What’s this mistake? Jumping from one marketing channel to another when

Email Marketing for Real Estate Investors: How To

If you’re a regular reader, you know that here at Adwords Nerds, we advocate the use of multichannel marketing for generating leads as a real estate investor.    The reason is simple: the REI industry is changing, and these days, you need to build a relationship with your audience before they become motivated sellers. And,

Real Estate Investor Business Plan

What does it take to be successful as a real estate investor? Certainly not a college degree. I mean, yes, some universities offer courses on real estate finances, and popular REIs are invited to share their knowledge with young students. But what do you learn from lectures and even from Q-n-A sessions with eminent REIs?

Marketing on Facebook used to be straightforward. You would introduce yourself and what you do. Then a person would decide to sell to you or not. End of story. Now, clients need to know exactly who you are. They need to like and trust you before selling a home. There are dozens of investors that

10 Best Real Estate Markets for Investors in 2021

You don’t need me to remind you that we live in challenging times. REIs are still feeling the ramifications of the crisis that started back in February of 2020. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from taking a look at the best real estate markets for investors, as the wheel may start spinning