PPC marketing is great when people click your ads, contact you and sell their properties. But when no one sees your ad, no one clicks through to your site. If your ads are getting zero impressions, this episode is for you. Today, you’ll find out why people aren’t seeing your ads and how to make

If you top the search rankings for relevant keywords, motivated seller leads will call you even if you never spend a dollar on ads. But it’s not that easy. Other investors, tech companies and real estate businesses compete for the top spots and try to out-rank you. Most SEO experts will say you need more

Getting free leads from Google sounds like a dream. But it stays a dream for most investors, even with hard work and expensive agencies. But getting organic leads isn’t impossible. You need the step-by-step process that gets sellers from a Google search to meeting you at their kitchen table. If you follow it at every

The number of real estate investors is growing. So is the amount of seminars, courses and coaching programs. Some of them are great, but many come from amateurs who don’t care about you. And when you learn from someone who doesn’t do deals, you’ll never do deals either. But you don’t have to do it

Google is a great ally. When your Google Ads convert and you’re topping the search rankings, real estate investing is a dream. But if you’re not there yet, you might think Google hates you—even though you do everything they advise you! The truth is: Google advises what’s best for Google. But you should do what’s