Want to know how you can get more deals online? It’s easy – just remember The Parthenon and the Diving Board. I break down the whole concept in this video. Check it out! (By the way, if you want some help implementing this strategy, just reach out and let us know.) Transcript All right, let’s

If you’ve tried paid ads, you know they’re a lot harder to pull off profitably than some people would have you believe. And it hurts to lose money and feel incompetent, especially when you thought the campaign would be the turning point for your investing business. It’s easy to say “I don’t get paid traffic”

When you think of a soldier, you probably think of admirable attributes: Military men are known for being disciplined, mentally and physically strong and honorable. And while real estate investing is nothing like a warzone deployment, you can get more leads and close more deals by applying what the military has known for centuries. Keith

Whether you use bandit signs, direct mail, Google AdWords or other marketing channels, there’s one thing you can’t run a business without these days: A website. Now, different investors have different websites. And there’s many websites that can pull leads for you. But there are a few things every successful investor website needs so it

If you’ve been in business for more than 10 minutes, you’ve probably heard enough “fail forward” quotes. And successful investors will tell you that failing is part of the process and how you should embrace it. They’re not wrong, but the cold, hard truth is: If all you do is embrace failure and be prepared