If you’re anything like most investors, your dream sounds a little bit like this: You have enough motivated seller leads that you can choose which ones will make you the most money. You make a good living from investing without working the entire day and you get to spend a lot of time with your

screenshot - How to steal other real estate investor's traffic in adwords

I recently posted in the REI Marketing Nerds group about a technique we’ve been using to ethically steal our competitor’s traffic… Great thing about this is that it works super well in hyper-competitive or crowded markets. There was a ton of interest, so I went ahead and did a full training on exactly how you

A successful REI business requires a multitude of skills, ranging from marketing and sales to accounting and IT. And since no one is great at everything, you probably think you fall short on a few of those things. It’s fine, everybody is better at some skills than others. But even if you call certain skills

  Check out this awesome Facebook ads hack for efficiently following up with Motivated Sellers. What if you could show specific ads to motivated sellers… Based on what pages of your site they read? Or if they opened your emails? SUPER powerful technique here. I break the whole thing down in this video.Let me know

The REI market isn’t looking rosy right now: New investors are pouring into every market and the economy is taking a dive—while the amount of motivated sellers hasn’t changed much. It sounds like you should be afraid and get ready for a slump. While some of that might be true, you can actually use an