If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you already know about the value of SEO. Maybe you’ve even researched some strategies, tactics and tricks that promise you better rankings. But if you’re like most investors, you don’t know exactly what gets you traffic from Google that actually turns into motivated seller leads. In this

You’ve probably realized this already: You’re not the only investor trying to rank for relevant keywords in your market. You’ve probably researched the best tips and the most important SEO strategies so you can snatch those top 3 spots from your competitors. Maybe you’ve even implemented all of it—only to still get ignored because you’re

You’ve probably tried a few channels to market your business already–and have most likely seen varying success. The problem with most marketing channels is: They chew through your money. With direct mail, you’re paying for every mailbox your ads are delivered to. With most online channels, you’re paying for every click. But there’s one channel

The most important requirement for generating leads and closing deals is gaining the seller’s trust. But it’s hard to get trust online: Most investors’ websites look the same, say the same things. The seller doesn’t know who to trust in the sea of investors. Luckily, you can shortcut your way to becoming the most trustworthy

As an investor, you’ve probably noticed it’s neither easy nor cheap to get motivated seller leads right now. There’s almost more investors than there are sellers and some of the industry giants gobble up a chunk of the market. To put it bluntly: Being an investor, especially a new one, isn’t easy right now. In