Some people are dealt a bad hand in life when it comes to money. When your parents don’t understand money, they brainwash you with their beliefs, and cause you to repeat the same money mistakes they made. Worst part? Most don’t make it out of this “generational curse”. However, you as the black sheep in

Raising capital is a must for multi-family investments. Cash is the bloodline of every deal. And when you need it the most, it’s impossible to find anyone to fund your deals. But when you try raising Real estate investors approach raising capital out of desperation, lenders can smell it a mile away. Some even “blacklist”

 You know what sucks about single-family real estate? Lots of moving parts. The little things eat up your time, leaving you with a poorly paid, full-time job managing these properties. What do savvy investors do?But it doesn’t have to be this way… Jumping into multi-family investing can maximize your returns with the least amount

The real estate market has its ups and downs just like every other industry. You have times when investors make boatloads of money. And you have times when the market conditions change, and slaughter unprepared investors. How do you make sure you’re one of the investors who make boatloads of money (even when market conditions

Novice investors love single family homes. It is an entry-level strategy for long-term wealth creation, and so easy to purchase that anyone can do it. But what happens when the market turns? You can be left with a property that is vacant, bearing a mortgage that you’re paying out of your own pocket. This pain