In this episode, real estate investor Eddie Wilson, known as the “King of Exits” by Forbes, shares his amazing insights on risk, emotion-free investing, and the power of gratitude. As a third-generation real estate entrepreneur and a master of business exits, Wilson’s approach to investing will leave you feeling pumped and ready to take your

In today’s episode, Dan’s special guest is Brad Chandler. Imagine flipping not one, not ten, but over 4,000 homes – Brad’s done it, and he’s here to share his incredible story with us. Discover how changing the way you think can lead to big wins in business and everyday life. Tune in as we explore

In this episode, host Dan Barrett continues his conversation with land investing expert Joe McCall. They discuss the importance of taking action and making offers in real estate investing, the current state of direct mail response rates, and the strategies for effective direct mail marketing. Joe also shares his insight into using automation in real

In this action-packed episode, Dan invites special guest Joe McCall to reveal his secrets to automating a thriving land investing business. Joe shares how he and his teenage sons generated an impressive $153,000 in profits – and the best part? It’s all about keeping it super simple and effective. But that’s not all – they

This week, host Dan Barrett teams up with housing expert Justin Hartman. Together, they’re going to share some top-notch tips for understanding the housing market. You’ll learn how people buying homes and paying off their mortgages affect you as an investor. Plus, Justin’s got a special way of looking at the housing market that will