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“Dan’s friendly. Dan’s smart. And that’s why Dan gets results.

Dan delivers. That’s how he’s built a solid network of trusted clients, colleagues and friends. He helps you develop an online marketing stategy – one that’ll get you booked solid.

He’s your man. Check him out.”

Michael Port, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Book Yourself Solid”


Facebook Testimonial from adwords for real estate investors client


“I made my first 5-figure sale from Adwords just one month after I started working with Dan…and this was after a full year of nothing.”

Dan Schwartz, Real Estate Investor


Mike Simmons, Just Start Real Estate Podcast

“We were paying nearly $500 per lead with Adwords for years…but after executing on just one of the strategies Dan showed me (that only took 20 minutes of my time), we just got our first lead for $50 bucks…that’s 1/10th of the cost…and they didn’t hold anything back or dangle any carrots – just results.”

Tom Blake, Real Estate Investor

“I have started pushing my business online, and I am getting a great response! In my office, people are catching on to what I am doing and I am getting a great response…it’s helping my business and I am actually enjoying myself. I really appreciate you for getting me excited to push my brand more online. Truly cannot thank you enough. It’s rare that someone will reach out and help someone they don’t know, FOR FREE. Don’t mean to be melodramatic but honestly, I have been doing this for one week and the results are astounding.”


Real Investors – Real Testimonials. We’ve helped over 100 clients generate deals using AdWords for real estate investors.

“I had been referred to Daniel and his company over a mutual acquaintance. I was looking at having my google adwords optimized. Over a short consultation he took the time to go into my account with me and really showed me how much money that my company was essentially just throwing away. He made a lot of suggestions to me that I could change just off my own knowledge. He didn’t speak in techy talk either. Dan explained it in a way that normal people could understand. I would recommend him to anybody needing his services. Thank you again!”

Dennis D., Real Estate Investor

“I’m so happy that I connected with Dan to discuss web strategy and Google Ad Words. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and his insights will help us boost our bottom line. Thanks, Dan!”

Lou Bortone

“I approached Dan a bit unsure if he could help me, because I figured I knew a little about what I was doing. Now, I would go back to Dan anytime. He gave me insights into my campaign I didn’t have before. I would recommend any business owner looking to improve their advertising using Adwords – or any internet advertising campaign, I couldn’t recommend anyone more than Dan.”

Frank Bria

“Dan knows his stuff when it comes to SEO, web design and Google Adwords. I’ve been learning and doing Adwords for 7 years, but in 90 minutes he was able to identify a handful of modifications for my campaigns that made an immediate and significant improvement in them. Plus, he really is a friendly nerd … and funny, too!”

Stephen McCready, Seattle

“Dan is very professional and helpful when it comes to development and marketing. Big thanks to this guy, an asset to anyone looking to step their online presence up.”

Samuel Thompson, Albany NY

“The bottom line in any business is getting leads and closing them. Adwords Nerds helped me close 3 deals in my first month – it’s the first thing I’ve tried that’s done better than direct mail.”

Michael R., Atlanta GA

“Within the first month of working with Adwordsnerds I was able to close my first PPC deals ever that net me $32,000. These guys know what they’re doing and how to get results”

Derik K., Lexington OK

“Hey Dan & Lou, I just wanted to share with you that it only took 7 hours for my new Unfair Advantage campaign to turn up it’s first lead. This just isn’t fair to my competition…but I’m ok with that! The lead came in before I received my first invoice from Facebook for a whopping $25. Keep those unfair leads coming!”

Sean L.

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