Episode #215 – Balancing Ambition, Family, and Growth with Glenn and Amber Schworm, Part 2

Real estate investing is not for the faint of heart. It takes time to build great systems to help you grow.

Most end up burning out before they achieve their goals of freedom.

Why is that?

They don’t know how to build systems that include strong team members. Having the right team members can make or break your business, and this is especially true if your business partner is also your life partner.

In this episode, Glenn and Amber Schworm from Homeflippingworkshop.com, join us again to discuss how to build a balanced life with the right team members.

Discover the secrets to having a successful family life and a thriving real estate business at the same time.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to overcome the “Operator” mindset that keeps new investors stuck with limited cash flow ([2:07])
  • The “connected” method for creating successful teams that operates without your daily input ([2:58])
  • The secret to managing 40 houses all at the same time (with limited resources) ([3:20])
  • How to find time for date nights with a hectic schedule and multiple projects running at the same time ([3:47])
  • The “PI Index” formula for figuring out what your strengths are (so you can stop doing the things you hate) ([6:26])
  • The one thing you should look for in every future team member to hire a superstar ([8:04])
  • 2 questions that every real estate investor should ask to live a life filled with purpose ([10:53])
  • The “blame game” that destroys partnerships in marriage and in business (and how doing XYZ prevents it) ([15:22])

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You're listening to the REI marketing nerds podcast, the leading resource for real estate investors who want to dominate their market online. Dan Barrett is the founder of AdWords nerds, a high tech digital agency focusing exclusively on helping real estate investors like you get more leads and deals online, outsmart your competition and live a freer, more awesome life. And now, your host, Dan Barrett.

(0:40) Hey, guys, welcome back. You're listening to the second part of last week's episode. Let's jump back in. I want to ask you, okay, so I've got two questions that are more about you guys and your business. Or maybe they're not necessarily more about you guys and your business. But there were I'm gonna move this more personal because I've got two big questions for you guys. The first is about We've mentioned this in the beginning, you're sort of focused on designing a business that serves you and your family. So you guys have an absolutely beautiful family. It's a big family, right? I've got two kids in my own. I am already feeling like, like today before this call, like I perked up when we started doing the call. But like right before the call, I was just like, oh my god, there's a lot of stuff going on. And I gotta bring my kids to soccer or the other kids gotta go to acting. And then I gotta go, I'm supposed to go workout is like, it's a lot, right? It is a lot. Yeah. And you guys handle a lot of stuff more stuff than I do. So I'm curious, like through this process, because I'm sure you didn't always have it like buttoned up. I'm sure there's always stuff that still feels chaotic now. But like, what have been the lessons that you guys have learned about designing a business that serves you and your kids and your family? Right? Because you guys got it? You got a coaching thing. And the real estate thing? Those are two big thing, right? I just want to know how you manage this process. I'm really curious, like how you think through that issue?

(2:02) You know, I don't think we have that all figured out or beginning. Yeah, I'm a career but I'll figure it out. No. Right. I think I think it's a constantly evolving process. I think a big thing was, is having the right team and not trying to do everything yourself. And it has been really, really instrumental in us feeling like we can be owners and the operators. And I think it's also important when you're talking about family, this is a little bit off topic from your that question. But I think it's just really important to be really present in the moment that you're in, you know, whether it's in business or whether it's when when you're spending time with your family that we're you know, we've learned that the hard way. Yeah, we have with our Yeah, so you know what to do even even something as simple as if I'm taking my daughter to ballet, and I'm sitting there at the glass looking at her, she'll call me on it and she comes out and she's like, you weren't watching you're on your phone. So you know, like just be being really present in the moment that you're in. And there's no like true things such as balance, I think you're always out of balance one place or the other, but I think you can be really present and the other thing I think that's really, really, really important is that you stay connected to people whether those people are in your employees or whether they're your colleagues or whether they're your children or your spouse

(3:16) I just say your spouse too because there were times when we were really Boston we were doing we were managing 3040 houses all ourselves and try to do it there were times with me in the car together Dan all day all day in the car together all night and never have a conversation with each other Yeah, you know not really given eyes. Oh, you know, it was it wasn't that we weren't to Boston did here. But Sunday most times we're just on the phones and doing business and then talking business again when I never talked to my wife say I talked to my partner today right? I never talked to my wife so we started invalid date nights a while ago a long time ago we were getting back I missed them we didn't we first moved to Florida we lost her we had an in house nanny and he ended up or she's getting she's getting our older son she's net nanny didn't clear so she was she was I had to clear that up with everybody was saying they record scratch sound like okay, cool. Well, yeah, but you you had a you had a sort of built in babies that are basic layer if someone did

(4:16) that. And honestly, our relationship took a little bit before we first moved here because all of a sudden, we're like, where are we going to get on each other? Again, we've had lots of therapy in order to do all this you know what's going on? And then on a stress with Meridian there was we also worst breakdown the job, right? We just weren't bad times sometimes want to date it tries to talk about business now. It always comes up because it's our life by talking about other things, you know, and I had, those are great. And I had a second one. Amber said, you don't have the right team. You'll get sucked back in the business. Look, in the past year. I've gotten sucked back in the business and I had a long story, but I had a CFO that developed a drinking problem and we caught her Grignon in the car or we left in we're here Florida in New York. My team caught her drunk in the back of the car and like we're like so late in the fire on the spot. Now I isn't to jump in and try and try and unscrew, I'll keep the language clean here but unscrew this situation. And I'm in the middle of doing bookkeeping for to multimillion dollar companies, I've got multiple bookkeepers that are helping, but I have to be there to get that knowledge, right. And I suddenly realize how stressful it is be in the business. But every night I kind of make a plan for myself or where I'd be today. And and Dan, one of the things I got away from and just recently, I got back into it as I had a sitting in front of her, I have a little book that I read every day, and I, you know, I, I say what are my most important rocks today, and most of my rocks went up in my relationships with my wife, with my kids, you know, and I've been no tee ball or not, tee ball, Little League starts on Saturday, and I have to miss the person with just rips my heart apart. When I've been practicing every night I got in a kitchen pop up. So you know, and I don't turn my phone on. When I'm with him for the hour, my seven year old. That's what we do on playing horse with my little girl. That's what I do. So you know, I'm not perfect at it. But the goal is I don't answer my phone. And I don't do anything except for be present the moment ever. So

(6:08) in the beginning, though, at the end, you know, if you've got listeners that are that are just getting started wanting to like start that initial scaling. And this is one thing we work with our students on too. So Lynn mentioned earlier that that one year, we went to 20, houses week Ruchi fat. And that was because we were trying to wear all the hats ourselves. And one thing that we've really learned through some, it's called a PI indexes is what we're good at what we have the capacity to do, what our natural personality is drawn to and that sort of thing. So by hiring the right people without the right look for the right seat, by hiring the right people to go in that seat, and it actually gives you that freedom to be yourself and to use what may have been a weakness in one part of your life as a string in the next part of your life. Because you're giving yourself permission to do what you're good at. And have somebody else do the stuff that you're not good at. You're not a great book to read it's part yeah,

(7:00) yeah, I think you guys are hitting on. It's interesting. Like I have a very similar story of this past year, sort of being very out of the day to day and then getting kind of sucked back into the day to day. And kind of realizing like, oh, I don't want to do this. This is what I was like, I can't do this. I can do everything on my own. That's not necessarily fun. Right? So that hiring question is so critical. You mentioned predictive index, which is awesome. And I've used that too. And I found that really interesting. You what when you are thinking about adding someone to your team, right? And you're thinking about hiring obviously, like the testing and everything is great. But it's also hard to get a sense of who someone is, right? When you're looking at an interview right? Or whatever, maybe the first couple of times that you see them? Is there something that you listen for? Or look for more than other things when you're hiring? Are you really looking at their their personality type like on the test? Are you? Are you listening for work ethic? Or what's that thing that you listen for that helps at least helps you make the decision of like, the this is so critical that the right people on this team, you want to make sure you get the right people in there. What do you listen for when you're trying to make that decision?

(8:08) And one word values? Their value will play deeper. Right? That was well played. I'll just I'll leave the interview now even just go ahead and bring it up. Yeah. Now who's aligned with yours? Yeah. I mean, obviously, it's a it's a big picture type of thing, you're gonna get that gut feeling on the person, you're gonna see if your personalities gel, or you're gonna see, you know, into your work ethic, you have to consider that I mean, all of those things certainly play a factor. But at the end of the day, you need to have similar values in order to Yeah, if you don't have a good culture in your company, and if you let the wrong person in that culture, they could destroy, they could be a cancer quickly. And so that's, you know, I've had that experience that I've worked for myself. So it's 30 years since I was 19. That's 35 years me and I've worked for myself. So been a long time. And I've been having employees in my life, hundreds of employees over the years and, you know, lots of hiring and firing. And that's the part I hate the firing part. But I was thinking what you were talking? Yeah, it depends on the position, what I'm looking for. But at the end of the day, you're right. If I if my your values don't align with mine, what's the point? Yeah, no, I'm not seeing three levels down. If I have a manager who's got a team and stuff they don't know. But we still I want hopefully, if I've done my job, right, the managers that I have hired, share, share my values and Amber's diamonds, and the company that is, and if they do, hopefully, when they hire, they are doing the same thing. And you can instill that in your team, you got about 50 employees, I think overall with our companies and you know, that keeps us busy. So I don't work with all of my regular basis, but hopefully if I see any of them, they'll know what our core values are. And they'll know what we stand for where our mission is, in our mission in in Bester Pro is helping everyday people create wealth through real estate investing, and we say is that's who we are. That's what we did. Right? So that's kind of our that everybody. The other day, we had a leadership meeting and one of our coaches was here we get coached to and we had a coach here and he said no, no his leadership team was six people. We flew to Florida and they said, now what's the what's the mission here? And they all recite it. I just sat back and proud, Papa, I'm like, All right. All right.

(10:10) Oh, yeah. And you guys have a catchy one. I feel like I wrote my mission statement. And it was like three paragraphs long. And I was like, this is probably, yeah, it takes time. Yeah, you don't know. It's a bit exercise. We actually did. We might want our coaches here when he started talking about what your purpose your personal purpose is. Yeah. The kind that purpose to the business. It was really I not, I'm working on it. I'm not there yet. Because I started out with this, you know, like you, okay, I wanna do this, this, this, this? Well, wait a minute. A lot of guys have it down to two words, or three words, or I'm like, well, that's interesting. So I'm working. It's a work in progress, and it can change. But having that purpose, I found just as I started to do that, just about two weeks ago, yeah, I started to think differently. The I started kind of, I started to think about where I put my time and who I want to spend time with. It's funny when you have that kind of narrowed down. I know, for me, a big part of versus inspiring. It'd be I'm not sure what that ties into exactly. But inspiring people is a big part. When he goes his questionnaire inspiring him coming up. And people skip said that about me. And I'm like, Yeah, sure. That's what I'm the happiest when inspiring other people. So it's I know, that's what it is for me. Now. I've had to tie that into a more of a purpose. You know what I mean? So yeah, inspiring. I don't know.

(11:21) I so okay, I want to ask you guys, we got to wrap it up. I don't want to I could just keep asking a million questions about all this stuff. Because I find it I find your guyses approach both to your business and to real estate investing and the people that you help or in in your workshops and everything just so refreshing and down to earth and like also very effective right. So I think that's such a wonderful kind of antidote to what is a lot of the real estate investing education you know, world wants find motivated seller leads online, but don't know where to start. Download our FREE motivated seller keyword report today, AdWords nerds have spent over $5 million this year researching the most profitable keywords for finding motivated seller leads. And you can grab these exact keywords when you download our report at www dot AdWords nerds.com/keywords.

(12:25) I want to ask you guys, what it is like you've talked about this a little bit. But tell me what you have learned from working with each other? Because we're recording this. It's as the day we're recording this. I won't reveal another podcast as people hear this later. Today is my 10th wedding anniversary. All right. So, Sri, thank you very much. And you know, I'm very happily married. But there's ups and downs. There's a long relationship, right? That that is a real that's a lot. And I was getting ready for this interview. And I was thinking about talking to you guys. And I was like, man, I was like, what would it be like if I worked with my wife? And I was like, Well, I'd be divorced. So that's one. So I just like we just, I think I asked her very early on and she was like, I have zero interest in like, Absolutely. Right. Like, that's a terrible idea. And we're like, cool. We've never talked about it again. Good. And we're gonna go Yeah, exactly what it is. But I'm curious. Right? It's, it strikes me that people always say this, right. It's marriage and business partnerships are incredible vehicles for personal growth. Right? They are difficult thorny relationships that require a lot of work. And you guys have both of that. So however you want to attack that problem? What would you say are some of the things you've learned from working with each other? And that could be personal or business or both? I'm really curious.

(13:48) What's always been a we've always had fun together. Yeah, you're under that impression? Yeah, they're there. Please. I can tell you that that we're lucky that either one of us are still alive. Yeah, yes. Yeah. To get a VI N deck so we did that and Bojo Yeah, the new the Pei index yeah in the in the guy who me telecon we did RPI indexes and and Gary there coach said this is why he goes I believe this Wow. And I can see it and you guys are a match we have it you guys could dominant he goes but I bet when you fight I could sell tickets and that that summarize our relationship now like cost a joke and it's actually a trivial question on a tribute question on Jeopardy during our holding workshop is you know, how do we ever how to type A personalities live together and work together? The answer is well, you thought that was not in therapy and lots of wounds. Yeah. But three years probably my brother therapy and I don't know what the what the shift was that happen whenever things got better because in the beginning Yeah, like we battled. We battled hard it was there were times when in order to make it work. To be honest with you, I think it's a it's important people know that because not every couple, you know, especially when you're both strong enough, you'll have one acid and one aggressive will maybe that'll work or when you have changed strong will, right and going down without a fight personalities, you'll fight over the color of a nail and just just drag that shit out for a month is probably probably the thing that really changed a lot of that though, was when we defined our roles. And that the advice we give to any, whether it's a husband and wife, or a mother and son that or work, like any sort of couple that's working together, define your roles, because then the blame game starts and then you support each other within their roles. But in all honesty, I still don't like working directly with him.

(15:44) Or that come from it were just lies, those were all coming out czar. A lot, Dan. But when I have a sense of what you mean, though, right, because you're doing like when your roles essentially overlap too much, or it's like candy, they're overlap, or, you know, Glenn, and Glenn is an extreme visionary, like he was off the charts on the FBI, and like he was even measurable. So he can be very distracted, and in his district distracted and distract the borrower. So like, I might, I might work on something that we've talked about doing for a long time. And it might take me six weeks to get that project done. Because it's that big. Yeah. Yeah, we're not gonna use that anymore. Like, like I went into store in Milan. So that's a long time. And that's why I just don't do anything like that written anyone. So you're that right, right here on the Barrett show.

(16:37) Like therapy can help us a lot, you know, we got to our we stopped throwing sand in the sandbox at each other. And we learned how to fight fair and learn how to show respect to each other. And, and speaking of respect, we both read a book last year called Love and respect, and a group which was actually very narrowed in on a book for America. It was it was very well written and very what we listened to it, so it was very well read as well. And it was just very applicable to what's expected of a man and a woman. Because you know, we're different. I don't care. You know, well, the political stuff that's out there right now, men and men and women have different set of emotions and process things differently. For the most part, yes, there's always not only people that are different, but for the most part, we function in different ways. Yeah, that that book was really good for us. And I think,

(17:25) yeah, it's funny. So that that came, I've heard about it before. And then I hadn't caught biggest ever read it. And then one of our students who was actually in our upcoming show, King, he's a pastor, and he recommended where we're talking about, we're joker of our marriage. Would you read the book? I said, No, we know what your what the therapist I've heard from so I'm going to do that. So it's funny how when you build relationships with students, they can become your mentors to other areas of life. You know, I like five love languages was good, too. But I don't think it was good at my level and stepping in better just did an excellent it really showed what men why Well, women wine, it gave you a good perspective, the other of the other sex, you know what I mean? So you can, that was a big helpful thing that was for sure. And yeah, and me just saying yesterday, or most of the time makes it a whole lot better, too.

(18:07) So yes, that's the that's the, the path of least resistance. But I do think it's like, the thing that really strikes me and I've got, I've found this book, right. It's a love and respect by Emerson Eggerichs. Does. Okay. Yes. Well, I'll put a link to that in the show notes, everything if people want to check it out. I certainly will. But I think the thing that I find so refreshing and kind of touching about you guys is not necessarily like the specific thing that you landed on, it's just that you both obviously really care about making you work and work, right. I mean, you you read, like you said, you put in the time you put in the money you put in the effort, you listen to the book, right? I mean, I think ultimately, that's my takeaway. It's, you can't expect it to just work out, work itself out. Right, you gotta

(18:51) Well, last thing I want to add there, Dan is the same thing I brought up before is connection. Because if you don't, you know, you can just for example, like with my kid, you can go through life, I can take them to all other practices after school and all this stuff and all that. But if I'm not having like an actual conversation with them, Am I really connected with them? Yeah. And at the same time of your spouse, like you can go through your life, you can each go to your individual jobs, we can either work together in a company like this, but if you're not like touching each other at the heart level that connects with getting other levels on us. It's so many couples have a hard time when their kids are grown and they're empty nesters alike. They lost all that connection between the two of you. And I think that it's really really important to keep that and and in psychology, they say that, you know, like, like as a parent, you're like, my kids birth but in psychology, they actually say the best role modeling you can do for your child is to put your spouse first because then that's what they're gonna look for me is the person that's going to put them first not somebody else or something.

(19:52) Yeah, yeah, I didn't. I think there's something to be said too, about making sure you have energy to give right I make sure you don't just deplete yourself trying to give to everybody else but yourself. I want to touch base on your workshop. We're coming up on time, I want to end this up and you've got you guys have one of these seminars coming up. But for people who are listening to this, give us the kind of overview of like, what it's like I would love for people to go check this out. So as a reminder, if you're listening to this, we're talking to Glenn and ever swarm, right, their website is Glen and amber.com. It's two ends in Glen, Glen and Amber. He has to answer Glenn yep, yep. And so people can go there and check it out. There'll be links to your stuff, but give people the overview of what you guys do in these workshops. There's multiple days, it's obviously it's like really high quality information, give people an overview of what they can expect what they could learn,

(20:43) I tell you, and I, I'll tell your listeners, if anybody that's remotely interested to go to Home flipping workshop that are holding your shop online, you still go to the workshop, and look at the reviews we've got, I know probably over 12 or 13 105 star reviews, we've been doing this this this particular one coming up is actually our sixth anniversary so we we touched 1000s and 1000s of lives we take people from the first thing we can do is talk about your mindset believe it or not people like mindset I'm like, Look at give me permission here because I know what I'm talking about. And Dan, you know, the Robbins stuff, I say what's the most important part of the house they finally get around the answer. It's the foundation, I suppose the most important part of your business they get around to saying well me right so the context of your business that wouldn't work on you first time somebody knocks you over your fault, you don't have a strong foundation so I want to get you strong so I give them some tools for that then we jump in you know pretty much trying to find off market deals we even do a capital raise, they can they can raise money right at the event for themselves. They can go online business and we actually raise money with them. They don't have to accept it when we show them what they get they have at their fingertips we go through all the different funding methods that we do private lending and all that we go over contractors out of find contractors be buveur find fun sticks so in flip and hold do a whole session on rentals because we're strong believers in flipping some houses we're really building rental portfolio that's really where the money is the wealth is yeah so we can overall that and it's a lot of fun in between we played we have blooper reels replay of ourselves, we have some fun curves diverse we have live students who want to talk to give their story it's really interactive. It's shockingly again I'm with you I was like three days zoom fatigue, but I hadn't stand now we take we take breaks but every hour hour and a half and if we go up to his stuff, they come back and we just have a lot of fun and the whole idea is to get people empowered and feel like they can take on the world and they go out there we do have a handful of people that will choose from every class not everybody really is a small handful that we work with personally to make sure they can reach their goals and so we that's a whole thing we explained at the workshop but that's something that we do there we charge 59 bucks for three days man so it's it's it's crazy inexpensive,

(22:51) and he's a great speaker like he comes alive like doing this and working with students it's like it's like getting to relive our early days because now it's just like a day in the life up but we get so excited when our student cashes their first you know $50,000 Our profit share from their seventh deal or whatever like it just it brings a smile there yeah for sure we love that are so we like I said we have other speakers come on to give speakers collateral asset protection, business credit, you know, having the right entity the using your 401k and self directed IRAs we have so many different people that come on and talk about different things. Jeff Miller is the VP of smart credit union he comes on and talks about how to do it alongside your current job and you know, an amorous speak session on shouldn't a lot of different things workshop, but it's super comprehensive. It is I talked to a camera but you don't know you flick on read your living room and I'm I'm live animated the same way I am all the time.

(23:47) I love it. $59. But we want people to leave feeling like they got $59,000 Yeah, yeah, I think that, that I have had the pleasure of seeing you guys on stage. I will say and I wouldn't say this. If it wasn't true. I would just be like, that sounds great. And I would go on to the next thing. Yeah, so no one would ever know you guys are really good on stage. And you're really good at teaching. This is not and I always say this to people, knowing how to do a thing. And being able to teach that thing are very different skills. You guys have both You are awesome. And it's ridiculously I mean the price is absolutely bonkers, right? So you know, it's like I have to tell people I'm like okay, as I'm recording the trends like next year, next year, I'm getting into real estate investing. I've been doing this long enough I'm going to actually do it a little bit. You guys really want to first people and buy their stuff it's a no brainer. So if anybody's listening this like I said it's Glen and Amber dot coms two ends and Glen Glen and amber.com or you can go to Home flipping workshop.com Just to go check out the seminar. You guys. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I will I get I will not say this if there's this was not true. I would just Bill Like this was great. I really enjoy talking to you guys. I think you are amazing people, not just amazing investors and I just want to say thank you for coming on the show. It's been awesome.

(25:08) Well we do we feel the same about you. And when we looked up there and said we got today I go, he had bad stuff. Yeah, I was excited. Good Good stuff. Thanks for having us on man. I appreciate it your your books where they'll grab a copy of our book on Amazon to the kid it's the birth of the everyday real estate investor. And we didn't even find out and are going on every page too. So we didn't even talk about your podcast which is called Real Estate of mind. Yeah, on the on the on the glitter never pages, everything on there, but our absolute immediately Yeah, our books, our books hitting immediately here. So by the time this rottenness airs, it'll that'll that'll be out. We're hoping for that to be a big turnout. And yeah, we're excited. And we're, we're heading into a great time in real estate investing, if you know what to do that not for the lucky now it's for the good. All right,

(25:52) well go and check them out Glen and amber.com, for all that fun stuff. And thank you guys again. That is it. That's it for our interview this week. As always, you can get the show notes for this episode, and all our past episodes over at AdWords nerds.com. Just go and click the thing that says podcast up at the top there, you will find it and look if you could leave us a review. I would really appreciate it helps other people find the show. I read every single one and they really mean a lot to me. So if you've been listening to this episode or any of our past episodes, you got some value out of it. Do us a favor, leave us a review. I would really appreciate it. I will see you guys next week. And I'll talk to you soon. Cheers.

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