Episode #003 – The Parthenon: How to achieve massive marketing growth through synergy

As a real estate investor, you might have heard of many different marketing channels: Paid online, organic online, postcards, direct mail etc.

You might be using one or more of those channels. Even if you’re just getting started in marketing, you need to listen to this podcast if you want long-term marketing success.

Today, you’ll learn the common mistake many real estate investors make when they get into marketing—and how to structure your business so your marketing can be profitable in almost any market situation.

Show highlights include:

– The must-read business book which had the greatest impact on Dans business. ([2:20])
– How to survive the ups and downs of the market with the “Parthenon Strategy” ([4:20])
– How real estate investing seminars might threaten your business. ([10:00])
– How to unlock “synergy” and close deals with leads you might otherwise have lost. ([14:05])

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