Episode #269 – Parking Lot and Mobile Home Profits with Kevin Bupp

Today, Dan is joined by Kevin Bupp, a real estate expert who specializes in parking lots and mobile home parks. Kevin will tell us his story of starting out as a young entrepreneur and how he found great success in these unusual investment areas.

Discover why investing in things like parking lots and mobile homes can be very profitable and surprisingly helpful in providing affordable housing options.

Get ready to gain new insights into the world of real estate investment from someone who really knows how to find potential where others might not look. Whether you’re a student curious about business or just someone interested in real estate, this episode is packed with valuable information.

Show Highlights:

  • Learn about this person’s brilliant story of evolution in real estate. [03:16]
  • Are you ready to secure your first deal at a young age? [05:16]
  • Discover the relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial success. [07:27]
  • How can you implement what you’ve learned in the right way? [10:24]
  • The story behind the success of Sunrise Capitals. [12:36]
  • Discover this efficient way to invest. [14:45]
  • What’s the deal with the stigma around mobile home parks? [21:42]
  • Has technology revolutionized parking management systems? [26:35]

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