Episode #270 – Encore: How To Get Started Investing (Fast), with Dara Abasute

Getting started as an investor is the hardest part. You’ve got all this information, but you don’t know where to start. And while you watch others close deals and quit their day jobs, you’re still stuck in the “getting started” phase.

Today’s guest, Dara Abasute, took action right away instead of waiting for everything to be perfect. And in this episode, you’ll hear what strategies and tactics she used to start a successful real estate investing business together with her mom.

If you’re still thinking about getting started, this episode is for you. Listen now and become the investor you know you can become.

Show highlights include:

  • How adding a second person to your business can help you turn “lost” leads into signed deals. ([12:15])
  • This underrated and underpriced form of marketing is Dara’s main source of leads (the only technology you’ll need is 143 years old). ([13:10])
  • Why not to outsource some parts of your marketing—especially if you spend too much time doing it. ([13:50])
  • Why you need a website—even if you plan to do no online marketing at all (ignore this and you’ll lose the trust of leads you might otherwise have closed). ([21:10])

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