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Episode #33 – How Dustin Amodo Went From Carpenter To Investor

When you first learned about investing, you probably dreamed of all the freedoms you’d enjoy and the money you would make.

But you had to find a way to make those dreams a reality. If you’re still trying to turn what you know is possible with real estate investing into a reality, Dustin Amodo will help you achieve just that. He’s the founder of Island Property Buyers in Oahu, HI, and in this episode, you’ll hear the steps he would take if he had to start over again in REI.

Listen now to do it right from the start and avoid the traps that delay you from becoming a successful real estate investor beginners look up to.

Show highlights include:

– How your business’ name attracts or repels motivated sellers. ([5:30])
– How a former carpenter makes sure he never loses money on any deal (do this and you’ll never be run out of business). ([8:55])
– The strategy that allows you to close a few deals per year and make more money than all the hustlers closing dozens of deals per month. ([11:40])
– The three steps to making it as a real estate investor (you can get all of them done from your laptop tomorrow). ([17:10])
– If you’re not seeing results pinpointing blocks and properties, try this and watch leads pour into your business. ([18:55])

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