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AdWords Nerds is The #1 Online Marketing Company For Real Estate Investors.

We Know Real Estate Investing.

Real Estate Investors are our only clients. No one in the world has more data about what’s working – TODAY – to find motivated sellers online.

We Know Our Stuff.

We’ve worked with and trained 100s of successful real estate investors. If you’re talking to another agency, we probably trained them.

We Innovate.

We’re always pushing the market forward with innovate account builds and data analysis. Your competitors will always be a step behind.

Trusted By The Best In The Business.

Joe McCall

“I hadn’t had much success with AdWords in the past – but we did $12,000 worth of deals in the first 30 days with Dan’s help.”

Joe McCall
Real Estate Investor and Coach
Alex Joungblood

“I’ve been using AdWords to generate leads for years, but Dan really helped me get more out of my account. I refer AdWords Nerds to all my 1800FAIROFFER franchisees – they’re that good.”

Alex Joungblood
Adura Sanya

“I trust Dan and AdWords Nerds with all my online advertising. They do amazing work and they’re always there when I need them.”

Adura Sanya
Real Estate Investor and Coach
Dan Schwartz

“I made my first 5-figure sale from Adwords just one month after I started working with Dan…after a full year of nothing.”

Dan Schwartz
Real Estate Investor, Baltimore

Talking To Other Agencies? Awesome.

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True PPC Experts

Our work is featured across the web on the top real estate investing websites. On top of that, our real estate investor marketing podcast has been downloaded over 40,000 times, and over 65,000 investors have read our blog.

the REI Marketing Nerds Podcast - over 40k downloads

#1 Real Estate Investor Marketing Trainers

We’ve taught hundreds of investors how to run their own online marketing. If you’re talking to another agency that works with real estate investors, chances are that we trained them or they use our methods.

expert online marketing training for real estate investors

Trusted By The Best

The biggest names in real estate investing rely on AdWords Nerds. We’re been official partners, instructors, and consultants to companies like Investor Carrot, REI Black Book, InvestorFuse, Nick Perry, REI Print Mail, and more.

official partners, instructors, and consultants to companies like Investor Carrot, REI Black Book, InvestorFuse, REI Print Mail, and more.

Proven Track Record

We’ve worked with hundreds of real estate investors for over a decade. Simply put, we’ve got more success and case studies than other agencies have clients.

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Our Clients Get Results.

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