We Understand Investing.

We understand REI inside and out…because we only work with investors. That’s helped us team up with some of the biggest and most knowledgeable names in the industry.

Certified Google Partners.

Want someone on your team that really knows their stuff? We have the highest level of AdWords Certification – with scores in the top 90% of all AdWords agencies and over a million dollars of client money managed this year.

A Proven Track Record.

We’ve worked with hundreds of investors, big and small. Check out some testimonials from our successful clients!

"I hadn't had much success with AdWords in the past - but we did $12,000 worth of deals in the first 30 days with Dan's help."
Joe McCall
Real Estate Investor and Coach
"I've been using AdWords to generate leads for years, but Dan really helped me get more out of my account. I refer AdWords Nerds to all my 1800FAIROFFER franchisees - they're that good."
Alex Joungblood
"I made my first 5-figure sale from Adwords just one month after I started working with Dan…after a full year of nothing."
Dan Schwartz
Real Estate Investor, Baltimore
"I trust Dan and AdWords Nerds with all my online advertising. They do amazing work and they’re always there when I need them."
Adura Sanya
Real Estate Investor and Coach

Why You Should Choose Us

We’re the premiere AdWords Management Agency working with Real Estate Investors to generate motivated seller leads online.

Here’s why:

Better Results

We use “Big Data” analysis techniques to create the world’s most up-to-date and advanced campaigns for investors. Rather than starting from 0, you’ll directly benefit from years of data of dozens of investors, large and small.

Incredible Support and Service

Our small team is dedicated 100% to incredible customer service. Never struggle to get someone on the phone or to get an answer to your question ever again. We’re responsive, friendly, and fun to work with.

Easy, Painless Pricing

We charge a single, flat fee every month. We’ll scale up your spend, build unlimited landing pages and run hundreds of tests – all at one convenient price. And, we separate out our fee from what Google charges – so you know exactly what you’re really spending on ads.

100% Transparent and Open

We manage your account. That means you can log in at any time, transfer your account to another agency, or even just show our work to someone else for a second opinion. We never restrict your account, your access, or you ability to do what you want with your money.

No Low Quality Outsourcing

We never outsource your account to low-paid workers overseas. Every member of our team is local, full-time, and highly trained specifically in using Google AdWords to help Real Estate Investors.

No Long-Term Contracts, Cancel At Anytime

We never make our monthly clients sign a long-term contract, so you can cancel your service at any time. We want you to hire us back every month based purely on our results. Click here to get started today!

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