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CASE STUDY: 30 Flips a Year From Paid Traffic In a Hyper-Competitive Market

Chris Music of Proud Start Real Estate has been doing 30 flips a year using primarily paid traffic. His secret? Holding steady when other people got scared, using AdWords Nerds to manage the technical side, and doubling down on his online presence with a snazzy new site design.

Check Chris out at:

Video Transcript:

Dan: I’m here with Chris music from, which is proud. Start buys houses. Just as kind of an overview, have you changed much of what you’ve done marketing wise? Is that the same as it’s ever been, what’s been working for you. 

Chris Music: Personally, haven’t done a whole lot different with my marketing. I mean, you guys manage my online presence, my ad words.

So you may have changed some stuff to me. I’m still paying you what you do, right. 

Dan: You are investing in Google ads before you still are now, but in terms of the stuff that we don’t really touch, like, do you do a lot of mail? I don’t actually even know this.

Chris Music: No, I, I don’t it’s something that I have during the past. I used to do it predominantly, and then I’m obviously kind of around the time when I started working with you guys, I just had this shifts. I mean, the mail is cool. And if you, you know, you work at, you will find things there, but it just made more sense fundamentally to go after people who were looking for me rather than I was looking for them, an Adwords they initiate the. So it was kind of, you know, one would think a little bit of a warmer intro. They can’t yell at you if they reached out to you. 

Obviously this was a handful of years ago and I just thought, Hey, you know, we’re gonna be, can you continue to become more of a more online world males?

Kind of, not as important or relevant to people as it once was. So, you know, I kind of just shifted. More my marketing to that. And so [00:02:00] I faded out the mail. I will, you know, I was always just looking at the metrics and I just got a better return on, on the online stuff with you guys. 

Dan: So we did a redesign on your website. And so for people that are listening to this, if you want to go check out the site, it’s at P S buys houses.

Dot com. We kind of rebuilt this from scratch. And I really like it by the way. I really like how it looks. I like it loads really fast. It looks quite good. And I know we spent a fair amount of time on the copy and everything.

What initially made you want to get into redesigning the site? Cause you’d have the same website for a pretty long time, right? 

Chris Music: I wanted, to be at the top and low Google organic search, because I feel like that’s going to one ability to my business, as well as generate leads in some fashion, not anybody Googles things.

There’s the, and then obviously there was usually a map or something with some businesses, and then there’s like just a general organic feed. And I just wasn’t happy with where. Finding myself [00:03:00] on a few different terms. Then obviously you guys had started offering an SEO service or a little different SEO service than maybe before. So we had had a conversation about it and we’re like, well, we could do this, but things, your website. And I’m like, oh, okay. Well, if that’s, you know, we’ve got to go back to then move forward.

It definitely looks a lot better now. It’s a lot cleaner, you know, all that stuff for me is coming. About getting the result in the end, but your point is not built correctly. The foundation is not there. Then you can play with it all you want.

Obviously. It’s always good to kind of have a thought or an idea of where you want to be moving. In regards to this specific, I guess, aspect of real estate, you know, obviously predominantly your service provides me leads of people that want to sell homes. I could take that and buy those to flip them.

I can wholesale them. I am in museums rentals, whatever rises, people that want to sell properties. I primarily have used it to [00:04:00] purchase properties and then flip them. So in regards to that icon, I think that I’m good with where this is at. You know, I do, I don’t know anywhere from 25 to 30 flips a year that works out well for me.

And it’s a system that I have in place. It doesn’t take a whole lot of my time at this point. And so now I kind of use the extra time to do other things 

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