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how does opendoor make money

We didn’t write this article for ordinary real estate investors… We wrote it for REIs looking to aggressively grow their business to $7.1B through state-of-the-art Google Ads strategy and become the go-to choice in their market. If this is not you — please leave, you will not gain anything from this article. But if you’re

Chris Music of Proud Start Real Estate has been doing 30 flips a year using primarily paid traffic. His secret? Holding steady when other people got scared, using AdWords Nerds to manage the technical side, and doubling down on his online presence with a snazzy new site design. Check Chris out at: PSbuyshouses.com Video Transcript:

SEO results for real estate investor clients

Here’s why SEO is like being buried alive. This is a cautionary tale. We recently took a client on with NO website. Nothing. We got them set up with a Carrot site and launched them… Into one of the most competitive markets in the country. Tons of other investors. Tons of people doing SEO. Our

10x Your Real Estate Marketing Using the ‘PBR’ Method

10x Your Real Estate Marketing Using the ‘PBR’ Method    Simple, watered down, yet strangely effective. The first step to scaling & succeeding in digital lead generation as a real estate investor is to crack the fundamentals. The ‘PBR’ method is a simple, holistic approach I introduce all of my clients to – it’s the

The Secret to Success In Real Estate - Imperfect Action

Some of you may already know, but for those of you who don’t, we recently launched a new program. We are calling it the Search-Click-Convert Bootcamp. The goal is to have at least eighty percent of the people in the program set up and start running their google ads by the end of the first