Making money is great as an investor, but it pales in comparison to this overlooked aspect most investors ignore… In fact, your future as a real estate investor depends on it. And since the government is mandating more rules to follow, this will also impact your investments and your children’s future. So, what’s this overlooked

 There’s a breakthrough for the entire real estate industry coming your way… It will hold you to a higher standard and hand out grades like a report card. So, what’s this new breakthrough? It’s called ESG. ESG will help you pick the best buildings which not only adds more money into your pockets, but

There are two paths to becoming a successful investor: doing it yourself or borrowing wisdom from other successful investors. Being the lone wolf may get you to your goals, eventually, but it comes with a steep cost: Your time, money, and a lot of energy. The quickest way to success? Join a local real estate

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a magical book. It is one of the most influential books that gets an average person to quit their job and invest in real estate. The concept is simple – buy passive assets that produce cash instead of slaving away at a job. But it takes years for someone to

If you are a real estate investor – keeping up with new technology has never been more crucial. The old, slow way will no longer cut it. And with the use of disruptive technology like blockchain this will be the difference between a successful investor and one that goes bankrupt. If you don’t get ahead