Craigslist Ads for Real Estate Investors That Actually Work

Craigslist Ads for Real Estate Investors That Actually Work Real estate investors would benefit from using multiple techniques to get motivated sellers. We have talked about this in the past, particularly in regards to employing a systematic and diverse marketing strategy as opposed to one that rests on a single marketing channel to find leads. 

Dealing With the Effect of COVID-19 Policies on REI Markets

Back in the spring of 2020, most of us were surprised by the outbreak and rapid transmission of the new virus. Not only that, but we also didn’t know what to expect. How long will this crisis last? Will people stop buying and selling houses, effectively bringing real estate markets to a standstill? What can

Long Term Strategy for REIs: How to Gain a Competitive Advantage

One of the first things you need to do as an entrepreneur before entering a market is to assess the competition. Real estate investors are no exception, especially since getting deals has become increasingly harder over the years. You have to do this before you open shop, and even if you have been going for

Direct Mail vs Online Marketing for REIs: How To Make the Most of Both

Sales in real estate are quite unique because there are many ways to get a lead. You can literally knock on someone’s door, you can mail them letters, you can launch a pay-per-click campaign, you can buy Facebook ads, you can browse listings, etc. The merits of each approach can be discussed at length, but

How to Use Real Estate Investor Lists to Find Motivated Sellers

Real estate investors go through a lot of trouble to find motivated seller lists because the success of the business depends on having them. If you don’t have a consistent stream of potential leads (an issue that is quite common for REIs), then you might benefit from checking out our guide on finding motivated sellers.