Spoiler alert: It’s the follow-up. But why is it the follow-up? Isn’t that just kind of, you know, optional? Over at Adwords Nerds, we’ve been talking to some clients of ours who are real estate investors trying to find more motivated seller leads online. Pretty much everyone we’ve been talking to is concerned about a

There are a ton of important things in real estate investing: Lead generation, sales, lead conversion, etc. But when it comes down to it, real estate investing is one thing: Getting the numbers right. No matter how great your marketing is, you’re not profitable if you spend more than you make. In this episode, Chris

As a real estate investor, you might feel like you follow a predefined path: Generate leads, close your first deals. As soon as leads flow consistently, you hire a team. Your business mushrooms and your team handles enough work for you to retreat from the day-to-day to watch the money pour in with minimal work.

I always emphasize the importance of utilizing multi-channel marketing in the real estate industry. Competition is high. Every real estate investor is fighting for what you want—motivated seller leads. In order for multi-channel marketing to work for your real estate business, you need to understand how each channel can work for you! This will also

Want high-quality links as a real estate investor? Make sure you heed “Dan’s Golden Rule of Link Building.” Because, of course, there is such a thing. Link building is absolutely critical to maximizing your SEO, especially when you’re looking for motivated seller leads. Check out this video where I break the entire concept down! Video