While you’re minding your investing business, the world is changing around you. Advertising prices skyrocket, iBuyers devour leads and investors flood the market. How can you survive without millions in venture capital? Not by throwing your hands up and saying “woe is me”–but by adapting your business to fit the times. In this episode, you’ll

As an investor, you’re on the frontlines of the real estate market. And you’ve probably realized: The real estate investing industry is transforming. As with any big shift, some investors will crumble, fail and get an office job. The ones who survive will attract the leads, close the deals and enjoy the freedom the others

SEO results for real estate investor clients

Here’s why SEO is like being buried alive. This is a cautionary tale. We recently took a client on with NO website. Nothing. We got them set up with a Carrot site and launched them… Into one of the most competitive markets in the country. Tons of other investors. Tons of people doing SEO. Our

You’ve heard a ton about SEO and ranking on search engines to attract motivated seller leads. And if you’re like most people, it probably sounds tedious. No instant results, you have to create tons of content and one algorithm change can let your top 3 website rot on page 7. So, do you even need

Posted this in another group where people were downplaying the importance of SEO. “You can buy leads anywhere! I don’t even have a website.” Here’s my response: === One of our clients generated 200k in deals from SEO last year. 💁‍♂️ Because: The leads are free. Unlike PPC – where you have to pay for