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14 Free Gifts for Real Estate Marketing That Will Get You a Referral

Extending gifts to house buyers and house sellers has become a common practice in real estate. These gifts are a way to keep the relationship going after you’ve closed the deal, although you can also use them as a form of experiential marketing to attract new leads. To give you some ideas, in today’s article,

Real Estate Investor Marketing: Everything You Need To Know (2021)

Traditionally, the costs for marketing in the real estate industry were prohibitive. The ability to reach a large number of people was reserved only to those who can afford to produce a TV commercial. This didn’t apply to real estate investing in particular, though, because there were a few workarounds.   Real estate investors were

The Importance of Constraints in Your Real Estate Investing System

We are going to discuss the art of saying no to money in this article. Of course, we are all in business for the profits, but if you over-commit in pursuit of higher profits, this might result in sub-optimal performance and derail you from the end goal.   These are problems investors face when they

8 Ways To Use Facebook Ads for Real Estate Investors

There are many online lead funnels for real estate investors – ads and organic traffic on Google, Bing, or Yahoo are often considered the most important. However, motivated sellers use different platforms to find businesses which will help them sell their house. Facebook is up there among the top channels for getting motivated house seller

17 Good Real Estate Ads To Use as Inspiration

In the 1970s, when the real estate investing industry was at its best, people were exposed to 500 ads a day. I bet it was easy to close deals back then. But a study on ad exposure that was conducted decades later (in 2007 to be exact) showed that people in the 2000s were exposed