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screenshot - How to steal other real estate investor's traffic in adwords

I recently posted in the REI Marketing Nerds group about a technique we’ve been using to ethically steal our competitor’s traffic… Great thing about this is that it works super well in hyper-competitive or crowded markets. There was a ton of interest, so I went ahead and did a full training on exactly how you

  Check out this awesome Facebook ads hack for efficiently following up with Motivated Sellers. What if you could show specific ads to motivated sellers… Based on what pages of your site they read? Or if they opened your emails? SUPER powerful technique here. I break the whole thing down in this video.Let me know

Hello all! I wanted to point out something interesting – if you’re doing any sort of online marketing to find motivated sellers, this affects you. We always see a BUNCH of people drop out of online competition around the holidays. Every year. Why? There’s a few reasons… People get busy, understandably – friends, family, plans.

Negative Keywords for AdWords That Every Real Estate Investor Should Have

Real estate investor using PPC? This public service announcement about negative keywords is for you! If you’re running AdWords to generate motivated seller leads, your negative keywords are just as important as your positive ones! Recently, we did a research project with Investor Carrot that analyzed over 3 millions Real Estate Investor keywords, looking for