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Is TV Marketing a Viable Channel for Real Estate Investors?

Traditionally, TV marketing was reserved for real estate entrepreneurs with deep pockets, and in many ways it still is. However, this doesn’t mean that getting your real estate investing business promoted on TV is impossible with little to no budget.  To help you decide whether this is something worth pursuing, in this article, we review

Choosing The Perfect Real Estate Investing Company Name

Many investors spend a lot of time coming up with a name for their real estate investing company that would best suit their goals, and no wonder! The company name plays a big role in shaping people’s perception – motivated sellers and colleagues in the industry alike – about the real estate investor. The name

Real Estate Marketing Automation (23 Software Tools To Do It)

Every real estate investing company would run its daily operations more efficiently if they are automated. However, since investors set up their companies around different business plans and follow personal preferences in the process, the software tools that are useful for automation differ as well. What is new and useful software for one real estate

How to Create a Real Estate Investor Marketing Plan

If you struggle whenever the time comes to put together a marketing plan for your business or you’re not sure where to start and what exactly to include, the following pages will help clarify this. In this article, we will break down the process of drafting a marketing plan for real estate investors, with the

Why You Need to Hire an SEO Agent Who Doesn’t Guarantee Results

This is the second part of a series dedicated to those who consider becoming real estate investors – it basically highlights from interviews with successful investors. The focus of this series is about motivated real estate investors making a leap of faith and starting their companies. To check out part one, follow this link. Without