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How to Find Qualified Real Estate Investor Leads to Grow Your Business

All house seller leads are not created equal. If you base your real estate investing process on the assumption that all leads have the same value for your business and that you can use the same methods to close them, you are in for a rude awakening.   I mean, always give your best shot

Real Estate Investing: Optimize the Follow-up Process

Do you close all the leads you get? Of course, some of the leads do not result in a closed deal. But have you ever made an analysis to determine why so many of the leads that land in your real estate investing funnel end up slipping through your fingers? Some house seller leads simply

9 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on This Year

There is always something new in business and marketing. However, these last couple of years, we’ve seen a lot more changes than usual. Real estate professionals faced unique challenges due to the government’s response to the pandemic during 2020, even though real estate was on the list of essential businesses that were able to remain

7 Tips on Closing Deals as a Real Estate Investor

In real estate investing, everything revolves around leads: if you have them – business is good, and if you don’t have them – you double and triple check your lead generation funnel to see what’s wrong. The fact that you deal with multiple channels (direct mail, email, SEO, pay-per-click ads, social media, and others) doesn’t

Use These Real Estate Marketing Terms To Boost Conversions

Have you ever had your marketer talk about doing split testing for the lead magnet to reduce bounce rates on your website? Or about using an automated bid management to lower the cost per acquisition of your ad campaign? And all the while your mind was going, I should have paid better attention in that