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Now that we’ve talked keywords to death – let’s get into our starter keywords list!

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All About The Keywords We’ve Chosen Here – and Why…

So, now that we’ve gone over keyword strategy and criteria, let’s talk about the keywords that we’ve selected for this program.

When I first decided to create this program, the most important thing for me was making sure everything we did was data-based.

What does that mean? It means I didn’t want to choose keywords because everyone else chose them, or because coaches said they were great, or because we thought they would work. I wanted to choose keywords based on real-world performance.

So, over the past year we’ve been testing – tracking keyword performance across all of our clients. Different markets, different budgets, different situations – we’ve been running every real estate investor keyword through the ringer, looking for what actually generated results.

What we discovered was shocking: out of the more than 60,000 keywords we tested, only 500 or so generated any results.

I’ll say that again:

Out of the more than 60,000 keywords we tested, only 500 or so generated any results.

What’s more, out of that 500, only 100 or so generated results regularly, or profitability. This meant that the vast majority of real estate investors competing in AdWords were wasting money and time bidding on keywords that weren’t paying off.

Now, there are definitely lots of long-tail keywords out there you should be targeting – but most of those are local and rare – making them nearly impossibly to predict ahead of time.

So – the keywords we’re giving you below are the product of hundreds of thousands of searches, tests, and analyses – and they’re the best of the best. They’re meant to give you the best chance of getting high click through rates, high conversion rates, and a solid chance at closing deals.

Are they perfect? No – these don’t tend to be particularly high volume keywords, for example. And we’ll be building on this list throughout the course to make sure you can get your lead flow up to where you want it to be.

But these are the core of your account – your money keywords. Treat them well, and they will bring you deals.

We’ll be covering account structure later on, but you have two basic lists below: your Managed keywords, which are phrase and exact match, and your Prospecting keywords, which are broad and modified broad matches.

Keep in mind that if your account is set up, these keywords are already in your account, and you don’t need to do anything. But I wanted to be sure you could grab these lists for your own purposes.


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