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If I could give real estate investors ONE piece of advice… If I could only tell them ONE thing to help them get leads and deals consistently, and at a profit, online… It would be this: Everything valuable is hard. After several years of doing this, I can predict – with a pretty high degree

Want to know how you can get more deals online? It’s easy – just remember The Parthenon and the Diving Board. I break down the whole concept in this video. Check it out! (By the way, if you want some help implementing this strategy, just reach out and let us know.) Transcript All right, let’s

Website Chat For Real Estate Investors - training screenshot

You ever see those little website chat windows that pop up everywhere now? Seems like they’re on every site you go to. But do those actually work for motivated seller leads? Are people really getting deals from little chat windows on their websites? Well, we’ve actually tested them out. I put together a video going

We thought this was pretty cool… One of the students from our “Search. Click. Convert Bootcamp” recently put a deal under contract from his Google Ads account… WHILE ON THE PHONE WITH DAN! This is one of the reasons we believe so strongly in providing ongoing support…we want to make sure all our students have

screenshot - How to steal other real estate investor's traffic in adwords

I recently posted in the REI Marketing Nerds group about a technique we’ve been using to ethically steal our competitor’s traffic… Great thing about this is that it works super well in hyper-competitive or crowded markets. There was a ton of interest, so I went ahead and did a full training on exactly how you