Process is king for online marketing. In this video, I pull back the curtain to show one of my process for multiplying my social media, SEO, and more!

Everyone thinks they want more leads… When, in actuality, you don’t want leads at all. You want DEALS. And DEALS are all about doing more with what you have. In this video, I explain some of the ways I think about getting higher close rates on the leads we generate online.

I wanted to discuss COVID-19, and its effect on both the real estate investing world and on how we generate motivated seller leads. Obviously, this is a complex and swiftly-changing situation. However, I want you to know that the entire AdWords Nerds team has been monitoring our own data sources very closely, and adapting our

If I could give real estate investors ONE piece of advice… If I could only tell them ONE thing to help them get leads and deals consistently, and at a profit, online… It would be this: Everything valuable is hard. After several years of doing this, I can predict – with a pretty high degree

Want to know how you can get more deals online? It’s easy – just remember The Parthenon and the Diving Board. I break down the whole concept in this video. Check it out! (By the way, if you want some help implementing this strategy, just reach out and let us know.) Transcript All right, let’s