A quick word about your new AdWords Account!

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Hey! Your new account is set up! 🙂 Here’s what to do with it…

Hey everybody! I wanted to drop you a few notes about your new AdWords account, which for 95% of you is already set up and raring to go!

You’ll notice that the two campaigns we’ve added are currently paused. There’s good reason for that.

Much of the rest of the course (especially after this module) will assume that your account is up and running from this point on. We’ll be discussing the finer points of our set up and how you can manage it going forward.

Now, you certainly don’t have to start up your account right now if you’re not ready! That’s absolutely no problem, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to turn it on until you’re ready to rock.

What’s more, your account isn’t perfect – it’s got some gaps in the set up (nothing major, but some things that would be nice to have) that have deliberately left off so we can set them up during the course. So, if you do start up your account now, you won’t be running at 100% efficiency.

Still, my suggestion would be to start up your campaign and just let it run for a bit. That’s so you have some real-world data in your account to look at and work with as we move through out the course.

So, to summarize:

1. If you have your website and lead follow up process in line, and you’re comfortable with spending some money in AdWords, I suggest starting up the campaigns we created for you in order to gather some data.

2. If you don’t have those things in place or aren’t quite sure yet, no worries! Leave the account paused and start it up when you’re ready. You’ll still be able to follow along in the course with no problem!



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How to Start Up Your New Campaigns (If you want to!)

1. Log in to your AdWords account.

1.5 Lately, Google’s been forcing some people into “AdWords Express.” If you see that, look for the link that says “View In AdWords” over to the right and click that.

2. Make sure you’re looking at All Campaigns by clicking on the “Campaigns” tab.

3. In the list of campaigns, you’ll see two – one named “Managed” and one named “Prospecting”. These are your new camapigns!

4. To turn them on, look for the pause icons to the left of the campaign name. Click the icon and select the green “Enabled” option.

5. If you’ve been successful, your campaigns will be in color with a green circle to the left of the name. Do this for both campaigns, and you’ll be good to go!

6. One more thing – if you haven’t set up billing information in Google, you’ll need to do that. Here’s an easy tutorial to help you do that:


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