6 Real Estate Investing Events to Add to Your Calendar

6 Real Estate Investing Events to Add to Your Calendar

You’ve probably heard it before: Your network is your net worth. In an industry like real estate investing, you can’t afford to stay away from large gatherings of professionals for too long.

Yes, we know that governments respond to the virus in a way that makes our lives and our businesses more difficult, but 2021 proved that real estate investing events can be held virtually, too. Or in a mixed (virtual/in person) format.

Why Bother Attending These Events?

Let us remind you what real estate investing events are all about (in case you avoided large gatherings of people last year). These events provide great networking opportunities – that’s a given. Also, they are probably the best way to find out what’s hot in the industry.

This applies to every aspects of real estate investing, whether it’s meeting professionals (realtors and developers), discovering new coaching programs, learning about creative financing or digital marketing, or hearing first hand how investing strategies work in the real world – it’s the best way to put your real estate investing business on the map.

The Events

Some of these events are traditional annual conferences that are well known in the industry. Chances are, you’ve already heard about a few of them at the meetings of your local REI club.

We have listed them below, starting from the events that take place in January, so you can add them to your work calendar for 2022.


Date: February 28, 2022 – March 2, 2022

Venue: MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

To those who are seasoned R4 programme participants, RE/MAX events need no introduction – it’s a get together that has lasting impact for many solopreneurs and industry professionals. This year the topics on the agenda include: referrals, negotiation, marketing plans, onboarding procedures, lead conversion, online marketing, follow up strategies, content creation (web site + video), etc. There are social events like morning yoga, and a live auction for a charitable organization, too.

The list of speakers includes: Adam Contos, Dave Liniger, Nick Bailey, Luvvie Ajayi Jones, Josh Altman, Bobby Bones, Brian Buffini and presentations by dozens of other professionals. More than 4000 participants have already confirmed their attendance.

Inman Connect New York

Date: April 19 – 21, 2022

Venue: Hilton New York Midtown, New York, NY (+ virtual participants)

This year Inman Connect celebrates a 25 year anniversary. It will be a 3 day event with more than 70 sessions. In person events are open for attendees who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The attendees are realtors, brokers, executives (at invitation only events), tech entrepreneurs and investors. Speakers include: Ryan Schneider, Ryan Serhant, Susan Daimler, Brad Inman, Jenny Hoffman, Jonathan Steingraber, Bess Freedman, Tami Bonnell, Tracy Tutor, Spencer Rascoff, Kendall Bonner, and many others.

MidYear Leadership Conference 2022

Date: June 15 – 18, 2022

Venue: Milwaukee Marriott Downtown, Milwaukee, WI

This is an annual event organized by the National Real Estate Investing Association. It’s a 3 day in person event where real estate investors can:

  • host a booth;
  • network with other investors;
  • learn how to grow their REIA;
  • hear about latest trends.  

Real World 2022

Date: July 17 – 19, 2022

Venue: The Wynn, Las Vegas, NV


RealWorld, is an annual conference organized by the RealPage. The focus of the conference is on investors in rental properties and topics include property management, professional development, networking, and educational sessions.

The actual theme for RealWorld 2022 is yet to be announced, however, you can expect to find attendees who are into rental housing at this event.

Tom Ferry’s Success Summit 2022

Date: Aug 23 – 25, 2022

Venue: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, Dallas, TX

The focus of this summit is on training real estate entrepreneurs. As usual, the event covers topics like coaching, lead conversion, productivity hacks, marketing, networking, and scripts. It’s actually a mixed (in person/virtual) event, known for the high octane energy on the floor.

In the past, the Success Summit featured speakers like Jay Abraham, Steve Harney, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Mathew Ferrara, so you can expect to hear some big names in 2022 as well.

REALTORS Conference & Expo 2022

Date: November 11 – 14, 2022

Venue: TBA, in Orlando, FL

Realtors Conference & Expo is a large annual event put together by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). It’s a trade show for real estate professionals – it’s expected to feature over 200 exibitors from the industry.

Presentations cover educational courses, but there are also closed and invitation only meetings. And then there’s the typical expo where you can find anything from services for real estate businesses and networking, to innovative products and technologies. Each year, Realtors Conference & Expo brings hundreds of speakers and thousands of attendees, some of which are international real estate professionals.

Those who aren’t able to attend can access sessions recordings and participate in webinars all year round.

Choosing Your Conference

Those of you who’ve already participated in a real estate investing event know what to expect. We will share a few red flags for all the novices out there.

There are plenty of real estate conferences out there, so make sure you are choosing to attend an event that will help you accomplish your goals, because you can’t visit all of them.

Two components are crucial for the success of a conference, the speakers and the attendees. If there aren’t industry leaders in the speakers line up, you may waste your time with presentations that are accessible through other types of media. When it comes to the attendees, at many real estate investing events, there are usually hundreds of participants, so the difficulty is in navigating your networking efforts to meet people who are most relevant for your business. This is a very hard task, as you simply can’t know what the person next to you is all about.

Also, beware of event organizers who try to up-sell a course way beyond its actual value. Registration fees for multi day events (up to three days) should be below $1000, and if someone is asking for more, take a closer look at what they offer in return.

Closing Thoughts

To sum-up, there is no shortage of real estate investing events in 2022. In fact, some conferences return to the in-person format after a two year hiatus. Each real estate professional is excited to see what 2022 holds in store for the housing market and these networking events are a great place to learn about the newest trends.

So, pick your real estate conferences for 2022 and add them to your calendar. It’s the best way to keep up with the rest of the industry.

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