How the 80/20 Principle Can Make Real Estate Investing More Effective

Real estate investment is all about following up on leads, staying on top of your contacts, and advertising your business to generate new leads, and all of this can be exhausting. Thanks to the internet and technological advancements nowadays, there are many online tools that can help you with this. Sure, this simplifies things a

The Best AI Tools for Real Estate Investors

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings disruptive innovation across industries, but will it ever transform real estate deals as we know them? Opinions vary, and since real estate investing is five to ten years behind the curve on trends in digital marketing (and adoption of software in general), we will have to wait for a conclusive answer

How 2021 Transformed the Real Estate Investing Industry (What To Do About It)

The market created a lot of challenges for real estate investors in 2021. More than half of the offers on houses got a competing offer, and some of these offers escalated into full-blown bidding wars over properties that aren’t great. Millennials were interested in buying a home like never before. Supply chain disruptions moved deadlines

6 Real Estate Investing Events to Add to Your Calendar

You’ve probably heard it before: Your network is your net worth. In an industry like real estate investing, you can’t afford to stay away from large gatherings of professionals for too long. Yes, we know that governments respond to the virus in a way that makes our lives and our businesses more difficult, but 2021

Real Estate Investing Statistics for 2022

For the first time in almost two years, Americans are more concerned about the economy than they are about the ongoing pandemic. This is what a poll conducted in December of 2021 showed. And while, strictly speaking, the poll is not a real estate statistic, it does serve to highlight the priorities of the population