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What I Learned from a Room Full of High-Powered Real Estate Investors

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Recently, I attended Collective Genius in Tampa, Florida. If you aren’t already familiar with the program, Collective Genius is an incredible mastermind that comprises of at least 500 top real estate investors in the industry. It’s an action-packed, three-day event with some brilliant takeaways for industry professionals.
Our team at AdWords Nerds gave presentations on topics related to real estate investor marketing tips for the digital space. Collective Genius invited us to join the conversation as one of two marketing groups to serve in this capacity.
The Collective Genius experience is priceless. We absorbed so much insider information from people who are conducting hundreds of deals a year at a high level in terms of investing and business acumen. These are the individuals working at a deep level within their markets.
My Top 3 Takeaways from Time Spent with the Best in the Industry
As you can imagine, some of the information and insight they shared created a ton of excitement among the mastermind attendees. Let me share with you what I learned from a room full of high-powered real estate investors during this fantastic experience:



A major topic of conversation hinged upon the concept of differentiating yourself through branding. As you already know, the real estate investment business is in a state of oversaturation. Competition is stiff.
In the old days, a postcard, local PR, and a friendly telephone call made the sale. Today, we operate in a post-digital marketing paradigm shift. Not only that, but we are well into it, and your top competitors are utilizing advanced techniques in brand management to skyrocket their success.
One method these top investors use is known as upstream marketing. Upstream marketing combines consumer psychology and retargeted ads to engage a potential seller using the right message at the right time.
Find Sellers Before They Decide to Sell?
Traditionally, we market to people after they decide to sell their property. Instead, upstream marketing builds that relationship using trustworthy thought leadership and education before. The idea is that you are already their top-of-mind choice when they finally do make the decision to sell.
It’s a strategy of real estate investor branding that plays for keeps. Your brand becomes a trusted resource with a viable history in the mind of potential sellers. It’s a pretty good place to be in the thoughts of your prospects.



We all know the saying, “Cash is king.” However, the savviest real estate investors take this concept to heart in every way imaginable.
There is a collective belief among the industry that the real estate economy is going to experience a market slow down or recession. Bracing yourself for this challenge means that cash liquidity is critical in protecting against the external forces that threaten your bottom line.
Preparation Begins Before a Problem Exists
Plus, keeping cash on hand allows real estate investors to place it in inventory in properties that are significantly below their market value when a recession hits. That’s why having it available is so important. Just make sure you watch your profit margins through active financial management.



One of my favorite takeaways involved the concept of real estate investors using The Predictive Index. It’s a personality test that focuses on companies optimizing their human resources. It carries much clout in the labor psychology world as well. Research shows that the test can reliably predict a person’s ability to perform his or her job.
AI and Predictive Algorithms for Real Estate Investing
Now, we can apply this same technology to real estate investment leads. A company called xiQ Inc. developed an algorithm that analyzes a lead’s motivation to sell his or her home. They use artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive algorithms to deliver more in-depth insight into the consideration stage of your prospects.
While the technology is still young, some investors among the group indicated a marked level of success using the same or similar products. It’s definitely exciting and worth watching over the long-run.
Final Thoughts on My Time at The Collective Genius Mastermind
The time I spent with my team at The Collective Genius mastermind was well worth it. We learned so much about the industry that only elevates how we offer and distribute digital marketing services for real estate investors. Key takeaways from the mastermind include the following:
1. Upstream marketing engages your prospects before they decide to sell. This strategy incorporates building trust with your brand over the long-run as a way to position yourself as the primary choice.
2. Cash is king. An economic downturn may be on the horizon. It is time to be as liquid as possible for potential market changes.
3. AI and predictive algorithms may hold valuable insight as to where your leads are in the buying process by measuring their level of motivation to sell. Predictive indexing is on the horizon for real estate investors. It is definitely worth watching.
In spite of so much success, I noticed another theme running through the minds of the masters: bracing for changes and downturns in the market. They are thinking about what happens when things go wrong.
And the fact that those people paid particular attention to it made me do the same. You may need the reminder, too. If you’re reading this or attend the REI Marketing Mastery program, it’s time to consider this element because it’s critical to your long-term success.

The Proof Is in the Pudding


Here’s another thing well worth mentioning: people who put in the work see results. You are living this out every day by engaging in REI Marketing Nerds or reviewing the content and insights available.
I can confidently tell you that the vast majority of real estate investors don’t even realize this shift is happening, let alone how to adapt to it.
So, participating in this group is your opportunity to learn these tactics and techniques. Make sure you give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done and forging ahead.

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