As a real estate investor, you might feel like you follow a predefined path: Generate leads, close your first deals. As soon as leads flow consistently, you hire a team. Your business mushrooms and your team handles enough work for you to retreat from the day-to-day to watch the money pour in with minimal work.

Have you ever noticed how most government programs fail? The reason they do is because there are multiple competing criteria for success. Real estate investors make this same mistake when they’re running ads. When you want high lead volume, a low cost-per-lead, and high-quality leads you make it almost impossible for your ads to succeed

It’s impossible to succeed when your advertising, keywords, and testing strategies don’t have focus. It sounds obvious, but this is the biggest reason why investors don’t attract online leads with PPC or SEO (even when their pages get thousands of views).  One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is focusing. But nothing will improve your

The real estate market is on fire right now. Listings hit the MLS then are sold the next day for $20k (or more) than the asking price. This makes it almost impossible to thrive as a real estate investor in today’s market. That’s why many investors are turning their ads back on to fill their

2020 was a perfect reminder for real estate investors that you can’t depend on the current environment for finding motivated sellers. Where do you find leads in a dead market? While considering how to make ends meet, you also have to be aware of how other investors act in the market. In this episode, you’ll