If you’ve been an investor for a while, you’ve probably gotten a few leads in your business. But if they don’t become deals, you don’t make money. Most times, it’s not your sales skills, your experience or any certifications you may or may not have. Sellers want someone they trust. In this episode, you’ll find

If you want to scale your REI business, you’re probably thinking about all the marketing tactics, the technology and who and when to hire help. But sometimes, things are much simpler: Jesse Trujillo does 80 flips in a year in a very  competitive market on the back of just relationships. In this episode, you’ll hear

If you’re not running your REI business full time (yet), it can seem impossible to catch up with full-time investors who have all the time in the world to generate leads and close deals. But the truth is: You can build and run a thriving real estate investing business in your free time. Today’s guest

If you’ve executed what you learned in this training series, you now have a few ads written and keywords you want to target. But how do you turn the people who see and click on your ads into actual leads who want to sell you their house? You’ll find out in this episode. Today, you’ll

If you’ve listened to the past two episodes in this series, you know it’s most profitable (and more fun) to target sellers who are looking for investors and who want to sell—not tire kickers who need convincing and endless follow-up. But what do you do once you’re in front of them? How do they actually