You might think the goal of making content is to grow your business, but most real estate investors end up writing hundreds of blog posts for less than a penny. But generating leads and traffic isn’t about what you post, but where it ends up…and most people don’t know where and end up writing for

The personal touch of direct mail is something email can’t replicate. Most end up in the spam folder, ignored by potential clients, and then you’re spending money without sending a message. Direct mail has seen a spike in the last few years and for you, that could mean more buyers and sellers. But take the

If you don’t know how keywords are being used in Google Ads, you’ll never know which one performs the best. How will motivated sellers find you with an ad that is hiding on page 10 of the search results? Trusting the changes Google makes in advertising is equivalent to blindfolding yourself. You’ll never know which

If you’re stressed about attracting motivated sellers, it might make sense to think you need more clicks, leads, or closes. But the truth is: You don’t need more clicks, you need high-quality leads for more money in your pocket. In this episode, you’ll learn why maximizing productivity only works you to death and how to

If you want to avoid going broke on lazy marketing, you have to find the stuff that’s proven to work. It’s overwhelming dipping your toes in the pool of Google PPC, but there are ways to split-test without drowning. You don’t want to miss what’s going on in the water by lounging on the side.