Testing fuels all online marketing. It’s the only way to consistently improve your ads and get better results. However, there’s one big, fat mistake real estate investors make. They extend this logic when testing marketing agencies. And Google permanently bans real estate investors who try this. Not only is it ban-worthy, but it won’t get

Do you ever feel stuck in business or life? The past couple of weeks have been rough for me. Nothing is going right in any area of my life. This happens to everybody — especially entrepreneurs.  And it’s a lot more dangerous if you own your own business.  Here’s why:  When it feels like everything’s

There are two types of real estate investors: Investors who think short-term and investors who think long-term. Short-term investors do everything in their power to squeeze every cent from their current deal. Long-term investors not only worry about their current deal, but every possible deal that comes as a result of their current ones. Only

Most real estate investors think they’re competing against other local investors. But that’s not quite true. In reality, all local real estate investors compete against Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley. And it’s an unfair competition. These Big Tech companies have an unlimited amount of money. They even take losses on deals as long as

Great marketing is always based in truth. But that doesn’t mean it’s always based in reality. Here’s what I mean: Even if a given marketing strategy has a 99% success rate, it still fails 1% of the time. I’ve been seeing a bunch of marketing targeted at real estate investors that claims to solve all