PPC For Real Estate Investors

How to Use Real Estate Video Ads to Find Motivated Seller Leads

The internet is flooded with video content and it’s safe to say that people prefer watching videos to reading blog posts. Websites with videos make visitors stay longer on a site, and video ads drive more engagement from social network users. This is especially true for the real estate sector: if you have a choice,

Negative Keywords for AdWords That Every Real Estate Investor Should Have

Real estate investor using PPC? This public service announcement about negative keywords is for you: If you’re running AdWords to generate motivated seller leads, your negative keywords are just as important as your positive ones! Every Real Estate Investor wants to know “the right keywords to target” in order to bring in more motivated seller

Google Adwords for Real Estate Investors: 12 Helpful Tips

Google Ads are one of the top lead generation methods for real estate investors along with organic site visitor growth through SEO, Facebook ads, and other types of online marketing strategies. It’s a hot topic in real estate investing circles, and if your business goals are to dominate the market, chances are you are either

How To Keep Your Focus During REI Online Marketing Campaign

Real estate investors have the typical entrepreneurial spirit which dictates to change those techniques, practices, and methods that don’t bring results, and that probably works for many aspects of their business. However, when it comes to online marketing, REIs would benefit if they aren’t quick to judge the effectiveness of a campaign based on an

LinkedIn Real Estate Investors: How Investors Are Finding Qualified Leads

Many professionals want to make the most out of marketing platforms like LinkedIn, including real estate investors. There are a number of reasons why LinkedIn is a good place to look for leads, and we’ll give you the inside scoop on why and how in this article. If you are already aware of the perks