SEO For Real Estate Investors

Why a Good Real Estate Investor Website Design Is Important For Rankings

A good website has become the standard for real estate investors. Even though traditionally, real estate investors could close a deal without being active online, those days are far gone, as more and more competitors invest in their online presence. Design plays a part in this whole process, both directly – by hitting search engine

How to Use Real Estate Investor Lists to Find Motivated Sellers

Real estate investors go through a lot of trouble to find motivated seller lists because the success of the business depends on having them. If you don’t have a consistent stream of potential leads (an issue that is quite common for REIs), then you might benefit from checking out our guide on finding motivated sellers.

Process is king for online marketing. In this video, I pull back the curtain to show one of my process for multiplying my social media, SEO, and more!

Image by Paul Brennan on PublicDomainPictures Do you want to make social media marketing part of the way you promote real estate? This is a great decision. Modern social media platforms give you access to huge audiences, great audience targeting, and a collection of promotion tools, some of which are often free. Social media marketing

Image by Are your online real estate ads not performing as well as you’d like? Creating ads for real estate properties takes a special touch, and it’s easy to waste your advertising budget if you’re not making the right choices. In this guide, you’re going to learn some things that you always need to