SEO For Real Estate Investors

The Red Queen Effect in Online Marketing for REIs

In business, when a company performs well, every competitor takes notice. Soon, everyone in the market tries to do what the market leader does, because all of them are after market dominance. And if the method that allowed a company to dominate their market is easy to replicate, the top dog won’t dominate their market

Real Estate Investor Marketing: Everything You Need To Know (2021)

Traditionally, the costs for marketing in the real estate industry were prohibitive. The ability to reach a large number of people was reserved only to those who can afford to produce a TV commercial. This didn’t apply to real estate investing in particular, though, because there were a few workarounds.   Real estate investors were

Real Estate Investing SEO: Why It's so Important and How To Do It (2021)

If you do it right, SEO will bring free traffic to your real estate investing website. And every investor wants to increase the number of website visitors, because once you have these visitors on your site, your only concern is how to convert them. Motivated house sellers can land on your website as a result

Top SEO Keywords for Real Estate Investors That You Don't Want To Miss

SEO efforts pay off. This becomes evident as soon as real estate investors start to consider growing their online marketing. Optimizing the use of keywords helps your website rank higher in organic searches, which means you get more visitors to the site. More visitors, in turn, translate into more leads. And if you look at

Why a Good Real Estate Investor Website Design Is Important For Rankings

A good website has become the standard for real estate investors. Even though traditionally, real estate investors could close a deal without being active online, those days are far gone, as more and more competitors invest in their online presence. Design plays a part in this whole process, both directly – by hitting search engine