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How To Create Content For Motivated Sellers

How To Create Content For Motivated Sellers

Blogging is important. Content is important. Building backlinks is important.

And you are thinking; I am flogging a dead horse. You are thinking, we all know blogs and backlinks are important.

But, do you? I mean, do you really?

Think about it this way. You have your marketing budget that goes towards Facebook ads, google ads and email marketing. How much of it goes towards content building?

Content is for keywords

True. Especially true for blogs. And this, right here, is what I am going to talk about today. The days when you stuck blog articles riddled with keywords on the site solely for the consumption of GoogleBot are long gone. And very, very few people have woken up to that fact.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on where you sit on the ‘quality of content’ scale, Google is now way smarter and is not fooled by content which has all the right keywords and no content.

Building backlinks is easy

Not. Google can now identify spam backlinks and, believe me, it will put you in the doghouse if you try to fake backlinks.

So, building quality backlinks is not easy.

Let’s back up a little bit here, and think about why you have a blog on your site and why you paid someone way back then to build you a hundred and fifty backlinks.

That’s right. To get your site to rank higher on google.

Why do you want your site to rank higher on google?

Well, duh! (I have wanted to say that forever!)

Anyways, that is where you get your leads from and that is why you want to rank higher on google.

So then, if your entire business depends, in a way, on your google rank, and your content is what gets you there, why are you not investing in it? I mean, really investing?

I know most of you investors are really busy working the leads you get, so it’s not really practical to make time to get on to the computer and create quality, engaging content on a regular basis. I get it.

The solution is to get yourself a content service. In fact, at AdWords Nerds, we are in the process of developing a full-fledged content service for real estate investors.

The key is to get rich, informative, original content and post it regularly on your site. This will actually tick all three boxes required to give your Google ranking a boost: the amount of content, the number of times valuable keywords appear in your content, and how often the site is updated.

Engaging content means people stay on the site for longer, they bookmark the site, and they refer to the site creating original high-quality backlinks. All of this contributes to your Google ranking. All of this also means people are more inclined to prefer you over the next person when it comes time to sell their property.

So, get cracking on creating or sourcing high-quality content. It is harder than it sounds and may be slower than you think, but it will be the goose to lay the golden eggs for you!

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