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The Secret to Success In Real Estate: Imperfect Action

The Secret to Success In Real Estate - Imperfect Action

Some of you may already know, but for those of you who don’t, we recently launched a new program. We are calling it the Search-Click-Convert Bootcamp. The goal is to have at least eighty percent of the people in the program set up and start running their google ads by the end of the first week.

Another recent development is that I started lifting weights again after an injury. Now, I am a planner, a researcher. So, spent an unholy amount of time trying to decide how to go about starting the weight training.

Yep, yep, I know. What has one got to do with the other? Absolutely nothing on the surface. But if you really look closely, at the base of both these lies the same concept.


You have to start somewhere to get anywhere.

A lot of the students at our boot camp knew nothing about google ads, Facebook ads or how to link all of these to your website. And the goal was to take these near newbies and get them to launch ad campaigns by the end of the first week. Seems like a pretty bad idea, doesn’t it? Especially for those of you who, like me, like all their ducks in a neat row before starting anything new.

The thing is, until you start putting your ducks together, you don’t even know what order they need to be in. So you need to start with what you have got. Only then are you going to find out what needs improvement and how to improve what you are doing.


Imperfect action is better than waiting for perfection.

If you ask me how many students who were at the boot camp got deals by the end of the week, I would say very, very few. But they all had ad campaigns up and running. Not only that, there were some who were able to look at their ads and say, ‘I am getting enough views on my ads, but not enough clickthroughs’ or ‘I am getting click on my ads, but no conversions’.

And that was great. They had no idea where to start. I gave them a few pointers and a few rules of thumb and they went ahead and set up their campaigns. By the end of the first week, even the newbies knew enough to be able to ask, ‘Why am I not getting clickthroughs?’ or ‘Why I am not getting conversions?


Actions, even imperfect ones, lead to the right questions being asked. 

Once the students were asking the right questions, it was a lot easier, and faster, for them to improve their campaigns.

If you are not getting enough clickthroughs, your ad copy needs to be improved.

If you are not getting enough conversions, look at your traffic or look at the landing page copy.

As you can see, their first imperfect action led them to the right questions and that in turn led them to the correct answers! It is an iterative process which eventually gets you where you want to be.

The trick is to take the first step, however imperfect it may be.

Tell me about where your imperfect action got you. Share in the comment box right here!


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