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Why Patience is Key For Seller Leads

Why Patience is Key For Seller Leads

We understand that patience is not a sexy topic and it’s something that a lot of investors don’t have when they’re advertising their business online. You’re spending money on Adwords, Facebook, Bing, or wherever and you see the dollars going down the drain, so you’re looking for results.

They don’t always come right away.

Think about it this way – You’re advertising to cold traffic most of the time, and these sellers have most likely never heard of you, so why would they do business with you?

Even though they clicked through and filled out a form on your landing page doesn’t mean they are motivated. But, you do know that they are interested.

Patience is the key to finding seller leads online.

Commit For The Long-Term

When you decide to use Adwords or Facebook to find seller leads, you need to commit to it for six months or longer if you plan on seeing the best results.

After three days investors want to jump in and change everything in their ad sets and creatives, but you need to give the system time to collect information; especially if you’re using a conversion algorithm. Google or Facebook needs time to gather info about the people who are clicking through.

That means, if you only received five completed forms, the algorithm still doesn’t have enough information to determine who your best leads are.

Be patient and allow the system to do its job.


Test Multiple Ad Sets and Walk Away

My motto is to set it up and leave it alone. Of course, you want to set up multiple ad sets with different ads inside so you can nail down the best conversion rate, but that will never happen if you are in there every day changing copy and altering your targeting. You need to leave it alone, and the best way to do that is to stay away from the ads manager.

I understand how we think, we want to be diligent and make sure we’re getting the most bang for our buck, but all we’re doing is kicking up the anxiety when we go into the ads manager 80 times a day and find out we only received a few more impressions in the past hour.

You need to let your ads run (without any changes) for at least a week to determine if they’re going to work or not. In that week, you should only look at the ads when leads are coming in so you can follow up with them.


Be Patient With Follow-up


Patience doesn’t only apply to running your ads, but it applies to your follow-up as well. You may find that your ads are working perfectly and you’re getting a ton of conversions but you think the leads are low-quality because they’re dodging you and not calling back.

Realize that you are new in their mind and they may have only recently thought about selling so just because they’re not motivated right now, doesn’t mean they won’t be in three months.

Part of marketing yourself online is building a trusting relationship with your leads and nurturing them over the long-term. Use every platform you can (text, phone, email, mail, etc.) to aggressively follow-up with them as often as you feel comfortable and they will convert.

As we said, patience is not something the highest paid coaches and mentors will preach to you, but at Adwords Nerds, we believe in transparency and honesty. The truth is, you need to have patience to build a pipeline of motivated sellers.


It takes time, but it’s well worth it.


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