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3 Powerful Strategies To Get More Seller Leads Online

3 Powerful Strategies To Get More Seller Leads Online

If I asked one hundred real estate investors what their most significant pain point is I can guarantee that 99% of them would say that it’s finding the best seller leads in the right neighborhood.


Investors know what they want to accomplish and they create an elaborate plan to get from point A to point B, but everything falls apart when they can’t generate a consistent flow of seller leads.


I understand that investors know the obvious lead generation strategies like using real estate market websites like Zillow or cold calling, but that requires time and effort. The best long-term strategy is to create a funnel that sends leads to you on autopilot. These three strategies help make that dream a reality.


1.   Optimize Your Website


First, you have to have an investor website, and if you don’t – why not? If you have a site targeting local keywords like “[YOUR TOWN] Real Estate” or “[YOUR TOWN] Real Estate Sales” you’ll be able to generate some traffic to your website.


Within your website, you need to offer useful information for home sellers like How-To Guides or Ebooks. Find out the biggest struggles and problem areas for sellers in your target neighborhood and create a guide that helps resolve those issues.


When you create useful content that people want to read you also increase your chances of getting backlinks to your website which help you rank higher in the searches, and you also get a boost in traffic from the site that linked to you.


2. Targeted Facebook Ads


Facebook Advertising for real estate is not as easy as it was a few years ago. With recent updates to the targeting options, you can no longer go as in-depth into someone’s information as you were once able to.


The changes simply mean you need to get more creative.


First, with Facebook Ads, you want to narrow down your audience as much as possible, so you’re not wasting valuable ad dollars on someone who doesn’t need to see your ad.


I find it best to settle on a target zip code and use a website like to find out demographic information about that area. You can use city data to find out the age range of people who own homes in that area, so you’re not wasting money on someone who doesn’t even own a house.


Lastly, you can target “empty nesters” by going after people whose kids have moved out and may want to downsize. Chances are, they purchased their home many years ago for a low price, and they’ll feel motivated to sell.


3. Use Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is an underutilized and underestimated platform in Real Estate, and I find it so interesting when investors tell me they don’t have a profile. LinkedIn is the low-hanging fruit of social media, and if you have an optimized and completed profile, you’re setting yourself up for free traffic.


The key is to make it clear on your profile what you do and how you can help sellers. Make sure your tagline and description accurately depict the advantages of reaching out to you.


You can also publish articles directly to LinkedIn as a way of building your authority. You’ll be surprised by how many frustrated sellers who were unable to sell their home in the past may reach out to you because they see you as a bright alternative to listing their home again.


The most important thing to remember is plans and thoughts without action are useless so start by utilizing at least one of these methods immediately and watch your business grow!

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