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The TRUTH About Real Estate Investing Keywords

There’s a surprising truth about real estate investing motivated seller keywords. And my goal here is that I’m going to drop a little bit of knowledge on you that perhaps you won’t expect.

I think there is kind of a misperception by most real estate investors that the key to finding motivated seller leads online is finding the right keywords. If only I could find these secret keywords that motivated sellers are searching for! I’ll be able to target an ad on those keywords, get them in front of those motivated sellers, get their leads, and make a bunch of money. I’ve just got to find the right keywords, the ones that nobody else knows about.

This is one of the reasons that one of the most popular things that people ask me for is a keyword list. Adwords Nerds has actually never published a keyword list before. That’s because keywords are a little bit misleading.

I don’t think that there is some magical keyword that no one’s thought of yet that most motivated sellers are typing in. That just isn’t where the money is. There’s a lot of money there in Google Adwords and SEO, but I don’t think it’s really in this kind of fine-tuning of keyword selection.

The whole idea that there’s some kind of secret keyword where there’s a bunch of money to be made, comes from this idea of long tail and short tail keywords.

Long and Short Tail Keywords

The short tail keywords are the ones that everybody searches for. Right? Nike shoes. Millions of people are searching for that. Flat screen TV. Tons and tons of people searching for flat screen TV, and what do we notice about those keywords? They’re short.

The opposite of a short tail keyword is a long tail keyword. Long tail keyword tends to be rarer. It’s got less searches for it overall. So this might be like, “Black men’s Nike shoe, size 11.” That has a whole bunch of words in it, and probably not a ton of people are searching for that every single day. Every time we add an additional word and make this kind of keyword longer and longer, it gets rarer and rarer with smaller volumes of people searching for it.

In fact, that’s a strategy that works really really well in many industries, but it doesn’t work super well in real estate investing.

Real Estate Keywords: The Truth

Real estate investing is already a low volume market. Think about every who is selling their house this month in a city or state. Out of that, you take the percentage of people that are motivated to sell. Meaning not only do they want to sell, they’re going to sell at 70 cents on the dollar. That’s a much tinier percentage of people.

Now when you take that percentage of, let’s say, 10 thousand people. Maybe take the percentage of people that are in that group that are going to search on Google this month, and divide those people up among everything that they searched for.

Some people will type, “Sell house. Sell my house. Sell my house fast. Sell my house fast now.” Every single keyword variation.

The vast majority of people are going to search for “sell my house.” It’s not rocket science. They know what they want. They want to sell their house.

Now, you got people that’s search for weirder variations of that. “Sell my house fast,” is a good example. It’s a weirder variation of sell my house. “Sell my house fast Salt Lake City.” Even weirder. So what ends up happening is that the long tail keywords are not necessarily bad, it’s that they’re so slow to the point that it looks like inactivity.

Most of the volume motivated seller traffic comes from a very tiny percentage of all the keywords that real estate investors target. “Sell my house. Sell my house fast.” These are not wild variations that people haven’t heard about. So one of the reasons we’ve never put out a keyword guide until now, is that the keywords by themselves are not really enough. Having the list doesn’t make you the money. So you might be saying, “Well damn. What does make you the money?”

We’d say consistent management.

Consistent Management as a Solution

Adwords, when you get into it, is very much a bid management market. We are constantly bidding against other investors. We have to constantly understand what our return on investment is. We have to work out bids up and down to find the ideal spot, the ideal intersection between the volume of leads that we’re getting and the cost that we have to spend to get that. So, consistent management is one way to make you money.

Surprised about our real estate keyword revelation? Let’s chat about it in the comments below.


Take care, y’all!


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